Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2nd Viewing: Blade Runner

Really it's more my 3rd viewing. I watched both the theatrical and final cut today so I could compare notes correctly.

And you know what? I may not fully get it, but this is a really damn good movie now that I saw it again! I highly enjoyed it, and wasn't just witness to the story and didn't feel much. I don't know the deeper meaning of the movie, probably never will, but it was a better experience this time. Cinematography and visuals are stunning and breathtaking, you can see the craftsmanship in everything, and I love the world it builds. Characters are interesting and memorable, especially Roy played to beyond perfection by Rutger Hauer, seriously the man needs an Oscar, he knows exactly what he needs to potray and how to do it. Decker is a great protagonist, and the story flows very nicely as he hunts these replicants down. I think it worked greatly in my favor to watch both versions, and I can safely say the final cut is vastly superior. What shocked me was the narraration was not that excessive in the theatrical cut, it cropped up...maybe 5 times in 2 hours of film, so it never felt overbearing. The final cut has so much better editing, framing, visual richness, and a more coherent story. I really enjoyed this movie, and no doubt will buy it soon. The immersion it sets, I think, is why it is so good. It sets up the technology, the characters, history of said characters, and a wonderful atmosphere. I can stare at those backgrounds for hours, they are so finely detailed and for paintings the depth is incredible. Blade Runner is a heavily visual film, no doubt, but the story it tells is interesting and engaging enough so that it can't just be considered eye candy. I will be seeing it more times in the future, and I fully agree with Harrison Ford and his views on the film, so the final cut is the version you should go for. But for curiosity's sake, if you want to, track down the theatrical cut. It's not often in life you can say the same movie can be viewed literally very differently. So I am very happy to have seen it again, we will touch on Blade Runner 2049 tomorrow, so until then my friends.

Monday, January 29, 2018

In Retrospect: IT (2017)

It has gotten better on a second viewing, I will give IT that. (Ha, ha, ha......)

Yes, IT has grown on me since the first go around. The tonal issues I had have subsided and now that I think about it, I have never seen a straight up horror movie with comic relief throughout. That jarred me a bit but now I can roll with it. The characters are all memorable and the actors have done an amazing job with them, the Losers Club being some of the best acting I've seen in awhile, especially from kids. The whole film was just so well made, and yeah maybe they made it the 80s because of it's resurgence in popular media because of Stranger Things but truthfully, it was bound to happen soon. Same stuff happened in the 80s with the 50s, every roughly 30 years a decade has great fondness for a past decade, which brought up a really good point from one of my friends. He said something to the extent of, everyone who is making movies now has fond memories of the 80s, they grew up during that time and have become nostalgic of it so that's why it's cropping up so much now. That generation is grown up and making stuff now. Which is really awesome to me, for various reasons. I am a highly nostalgic person, I love the things from my youth and share my opinions and views about them. So does that mean in say...2025 the 90s are gonna strike back and everyone will be wearing Jinco jeans, and drinking Zima and Crystal Pepsi while listening to N*Sync and movies will reflect that era of history? That seems to be the trend so I'm curious as to what the future holds. I do love the 80s and seeing that time frame be so prevalent now is a real treat, regardless of if it's a popular trend or not (It is, don't tell anybody. Shh.). But yeah, the movie really did get better, I still cannot contain my laughter at Bill Skarsgard, I am so sorry to all those people afraid of clowns but he just cracks me up. I mean he's weird, but god dang it is he entertaining and makes me laugh. I cannot hate things that make me happy! I like clowns! They are wonderful people and really due to the 90s IT movie is why people have this stigma against them. But I see the humor in his performance as Pennywise and it is a great performance, he is what made this movie for me. Granted I have no idea how this next movie will go down set in the modern day, though thinking about it now Maine probably hasn't changed terribly since the 80s, just saying. No idea if they're doing the spider thing, most likely are, it's more a matter of how the design looks for me to be on board with that element. Really the book is notoriously long, spanning over 1000 pages, War And Peace is over a 1000 pages but for a book like War And Peace it makes sense, and many people have said it reads pretty much like a cocaine bender with tons of oddities and thankfully cut scenes in the adaptations, so really anything can go. I doubt it will be better than the first but here's hoping. So yeah, it is well worth your money to own it, it is a great movie that is done almost pitch perfect, so buy it, rent it, watch it, and you'll float like the rest of us. Now I'm off to listen to New Kids On The Block. Pray for me.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Adventures In Babysitting

Ugh, yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in awhile. It's a long story but I can sum it up in one sentence. Left the house before 6:00 PM, got home at 2:00 AM. It....I'm fine, everything is okay, I'm home now. We got ourselves a pretty dang good flick here, so let's talk about that and not dwell on the negative.

With a title like Adventures In Babysitting, you might expect a sub par family movie mainly used to just distract your kids for about two hours and that's the end of it, and thankfully I can say that is 120% wrong. Not only is Adventures In Babysitting a good family movie, it's seriously one of the most fun, funny, and all around great movies I've seen. Everytime I have heard about this movie I hear nothing but incredibly good things, and yet not many people have seen it. Well call me a fan cause this movie was absolutely fantastic. A high school girl named Chris is called over to babysit one day, and certain events happen that get them swept away in one crazy night all while trying to get back home, and I dare not divulge the plot further. It sounds generic and utterly boring, but trust me this is a highly entertaining film. I think the undeniable best part is the characters, cause they feel like real people, they don't feel like stereotypes where the kids are brats or the babysitter is super strict and learns how to have fun. Screw that noise! The kids act like kids, they're kind of wise asses but still very funny and extremely likeable. Chris is an average, sensible, and fun girl that just has to deal with so much stuff in order to get these kids home. But my favorite character has to be Chris' best friend Brenda. She steals this show for me, she's highly cynical and no nonsense yet is not a stick in the mud, she's really the character that jump starts the crazy train for Chris and the kids, I don't know I just really loved her. There's just so many good things to talk about, the music is friggin' awesome with more of a focus on honky tonk blues but still has a wide variety of music, the comedy made me laugh so hard I thought I was gonna die to be honest it hurt so much, all the characters both main and supporting are all striking and memorable. The movie actually brings up a great lesson that, there are both good and bad people in the world and you can meet both but the point is to not take the good for granted and to appreciate them or at least that's what I got from it. Like seriously, I am dumbfounded by how really damn good this movie was. It has balls too! I've never seen a PG-13 movie with not one, but two f-bombs in quick succesion. 80's kids were hardcore man! Jesus Christ, they knew how to make great movies back then! I would recommend this movie to every person on Earth, yeah it has it's share of cheesy and sometimes predictable moments, but the originality and humor and various situations these characters get into make it an interesting and entertaining watch until the end. And you'll notice a few familiar names in this movie, Chris Columbus' directorial debut with an easter egg for one of his later Christmas movies pops up for a second, our old friend Debra Hill produced this and you'll notice her earliest and most famous work on a TV set early in the film, and both Chris and Brenda are familiar faces to you Back To The Future fans. All in all, it's a great movie, I loved it so much, and I would gladly watch this movie again. 5 stars, check it out! And boy, do I have to say this is the movie I needed to watch after last night man. Life is good again.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


I was hoping it would end that way. Good job movie, you did it.

Moonwalkers! I gurantee you no one talked about this movie when it first hit. Which kinda sucks because it's a pretty damn good movie concerning the whole, Stanley Kubrick staged the moon landing and just rolls with it and makes it fun and crazy. Okay, so basically the story follows a band manager played by Rupert Grint who's in debt, swindels a CIA agent played by Ron Perlman out of a large sum of money to be used for a staging of the moon landing in case the real moon landing could not be achieved. Which I have to say I loved the fact they rode the line, it didn't say the moon landing was fake or anything like that, it combined the truth and the fiction which I enjoyed a lot. Just to see a conspiracy theory like that played out so wonderfully odd in this movie was a blast. I loved seeing Rupert Grint again, he's a great lead and you do hope everything works out for him, Ron Perlmam is well, Ron Perlman. Total badass, no nonsense, will knock your teeth out if you jerk him around, perfect! It was a really good movie, I think it should be seen just for the sheer spectacle and this wild ride about how they did it all. Nothing groundbreaking, or god awful but a good fun movie, with a flippin' awesome 60s backdrop (hippies, drugs, sex and all) that is always fun to go back to. I give it....4 stars, check it out. And we got one more tomorrow, a classic obscure gem straight from the 80s, don't miss it!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Huh. Well that was interesting.

Now trust me, I get it. I get the message, the characters, and the story. Did I love it? No. Did I like it? Yes, very much! I feel the movie is more in the vein of say, American Psycho in terms of humor, story elements, and characters. I feel American Psycho did it way better, but there were many parts of this movie that I really enjoyed. Basic story follows a girl named Veronica, she's in the popular girl group at high school where you guessed correctly, they are all insufferable, miserable, bordering sociopathic bitches. Veronica flat out hates being with them, why does she hang out with them? I don't know. Is it like an abused spouse just coming back for more? Beats me. But one days she meets this guy, JD he's a bit of a lone wolf, bit odd, and pretty much just says, "Hey you wanna kill all the popular kids?" and Veronica's all, "Yeah sure." so they do that in hopes of making their school a better place. Do they succeed? Short answer, no. Long answer, watch the movie. Onto the good stuff! I loved the feel of the movie, it's very offbeat, with dark humor, blunt characters (albeit very stereotyped but that is the film's intention), and just plain odd circumstances. I know exactly how the film was supposed to be potrayed and was potrayed, I greatly appreciate the message at the end and find it downright genius, and the whole subjugation and analysis of teenage culture, specifically high school groups is correct. But I feel it works mainly in the 80s. High schools have changed significantly, not every kid wants to be the popular kid, in fact while there are still those groups, you got your popular kids, your geeky kids, your punk rock rebels, whatever, most kids while part of groups still do their own thing. It's like they grew a brain stem and just said, "Hey I'm gonna be me. Screw you guys.". And that's awesome! I was in high school not that long ago, I remember this stuff. But again, the film is satirizing and without a doubt putting these stereotypes on steroids, I get the point. I really do. I can see why the movie has a cult fanbase. But not everyone is going to like it. If you watched and enjoyed a movie like American Psycho, Heathers is more or less likely to be up your alley. I can only recommend the movie if your taste in movies slides that way or if you really love absurdist satirical works of cultures. It's not a bad movie! Winona Ryder is a very good lead, you understand her situation and why she does these things, the film does not glorify the murders of schoolmates and shows that it does have consequences, Christian Slater really was made for this part, but again you have to be in the right mindset and have the correct....I guess taste in movies for you to get it. If not you're probably just going to wonder why you spent nearly 2 hours of your life watching this. I understand the movie, it's fans, and the satire. But I do not love this movie, though I do think it is a very good movie.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Evolutionary Viewing Of The Internet Critic Part III

And here we are again, thinking of days and friends long gone.

The first thing I have to say before we head into more somber territory is how much YouTube has changed. May be for better, may be for worse but I was there...almost in the beginning. As I have said YouTube did not hit my radar until about 2007 or 2008. I don't think I got an account until 2009 (still no videos to this day), but I really loved it. It just seemed like a fun neat little place to just share ideas and fun things. I remember a time when YouTube was made for either fun videos or media from past decades. I listened to a ton of 80s music and viewed music videos regularly, and loved it to death. But what I more fondly remember are just fun silly videos. Numa Numa, Star Wars Kid, The friggin' Dramatic Chipmunk, videos of legend now but while popular back then were viewed as fun. I think of YouTube as that place where you could literally make a video of you talking or doing stuff with your friends like in your neighborhood and you could get views. Whether you were doing some idea you cooked up or were just chilling out and talking. One of my best friends in middle school had a channel, and it was literally her and her cousin I think, jumping on a trampoline and talking the most random nonsense you ever heard in her room. I thought it was the coolest thing, I've always wanted to do YouTube videos! Just that small scale, fun, and intimate way that people made videos. I remember one of the channels I watched, it was just various let's plays of various games and I grew a strong relationship with the creator of that channel, we could talk about anything and have a blast, I loved her work to the moon and back. And even more large scale people like Miss Hannah Minx still had that small scale video environment. I especially loved her older videos because it seeped into her regular life when she was in Tokyo. I'm not sure you can find all of them now, but some of them were just nice fun videos. Not to say the YouTube of today is not fun but it lost a lot of it's basic, yet fun loving charm. There were no corporations or big budget YouTube personalities. It was just people putting love and passion into their work and uploaded it for all the world to see. Watch The Legend Of Zelda A Pain In My Ass, that sums it up perfectly, pet project, lot of creativity, very funny, for no other reason than just to do it. And most of these people are gone and I miss them very dearly because they were such great people, which leads to one of the saddest days of my life. On this day, one of my reviewers passed away. I was barely a fan of him for....maybe a month. I just decided on a whim to watch, Jewwario. Watched his reviews of japanese video games and instantly loved him. Without a shadow of a doubt he was one of the most kind, loving, caring, and wonderful human beings ever. And I weeped when I heard the news. I crumbled and broke down. I barely knew his work for even a month and I broke and cried over his passing. That should give you some indication of how truly wonderful he was. He is one of my heroes until the end of time itself. I miss him with all of my being and I wish him and many others were still with us today. To all of my Youtube friends, old and new, to all of my few fans, I want to say I love you all, I wish for nothing but the absolute best for you in life, and I hope to keep seeing you somewhere in time and space. I love, and admire, and above all so thankful to have you with me. Thank you for reading, goodnight.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Darkest Hour

And so we come full circle.

Darkest Hour chronicles the first 19 days of Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he tries to deal with the Dunkirk rescue as we saw, constant appeals to surrender to Germany, and trying to maintain his reputation and the security of The United Kingdom. It is a very good movie to say the least and I've never seen Winston in much, so to learn more about his term and an almost impossible victory which he helped achieve was a treat. Gary Oldman really got him down, like I even need to say that! Gary Oldman can play any part and make it different from his last. I believe he was nominated for a Golden Globe for this performance and I can see why! He is not an invicible figure, he has a hard time trying to sort out the problems, there is a lot of discussion about their situation but it's never boring because if you're like me and don't know much about his service it is very engaging. And I do think that it brings a lot more weight to the movie Dunkirk, because you see the effort that got those men off the beach and back home. The film is visually striking and has one of the best openings to a war movie I've ever seen, so the film looks great. Supporting cast, especially with Lily James is great, she brings such emotion and tact to the role, plus I just love seeing Ben Mendelsohn again it's good to know he still holds a seat of high power in an empire after Tarkin took the Death Star away. If war films or drama pieces on historical figures are your cup of tea, I do suggest you see Darkest Hour. I didn't think much of it when I saw the trailer but I'm very happy I saw it. Next week though, I think we will fall down the familiar rabbit hole of more cult movies so until then KBO.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Greatest Showman

Okay this is a hard movie to talk about, not because of some tragedy surrounding the film or because it's bad, but....because it's a musical.

Musicals are very hard to sell. Musical movies are incredibly hard to sell, they lack logic and are built on pure feels so this is your chance to take a lifeboat off the ship now and go see something else. For those of you who stuck around, I present to you The Greatest Showman, a film concerning the life of a P.T. Barnum that lived as a street urchin in the early 1800s who decides to bring joy to people and creates a sort of proto-circus. Always seeking for something better for him and his family, he reaches for the stars, stumbles, but regains his footing and ends all in all very happily. Now I am going to try to keep this brief, because there is always a lot to talk about in terms of musicals on film so I will just say, the visuals are outstanding with perfect framing, use of color, and editing. You attach yourself deeply to Mr. Barnum, and really want to see the best happen to him. Hugh Jackman is awesome, of course. Zac Efron was...good. I liked him in this movie, and that is coming from a guy who is not quite his biggest fan. All the supporting cast is great, but especially the performers in his circus, they are such endearing, human, likeable characters that I wanted to see all the time and wanted to know more about them. The music, oh God here we go. Rambling incoming!! With every musical I have ever seen, the music matches the setting, tone, and overall story. Phantom Of The Opera my favorite musical ever, the music fits the setting of the Paris Opera House, the time frame the play is set in, and the tone of the musical being romance based and dealing with the characters. It fits, it works, it does not seem out of place. The Greatest Showman has straight up 2017 music in a Victorian era setting. It does not work at all, though some of the songs are quite good. You can tell it is modern day music being used several centuries ago, and it feels wrong. Though I have not seen many musicals, never have I experienced this problem. Camelot, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Producers, all films have their signature style of music and all work. Even Moulin Rouge did this and while I have not seen Moulin Rouge I can tell you the movie is meloframatic as hell and completely surreal and dreamlike, so anything goes with it because it embraces the absurdity and emotional crux. The Greatest Showman is a good movie, a decent musical, I liked a few of the songs, all the performances were spot on, but I know it is not for everyone. Musicals are not marketable to wide audiences, it died in the 60s thanks to Hello Dolly and didn't really come back until the early 2000s. I mean really, what was the last musical you saw in a movie theater? Not Disney, no animation, real people, real sets, singing away on multiple occasions. This is my first to be honest. Every other I saw on video! So it's rare to talk about such a movie and it's not easy to talk about. Though it does inhabit the medium of film (and I don't think this movie had a stage predecessor) it's like comparing a golden retriever to a zebra, it's two very different things. Now before I go, I do very extremely highly recommend you watch Lindsay Ellis' video essay on the 2004 Phantom Of The Opera movie. I had to watch it before I wrote my review, because of the information she gives would be crucial to my writing, and everything I did not say in terms of musical movies she does. I would have had this review up literally an hour ago but I needed that information because I don't do musicals often or hardly at all. I'll leave a link below, you only really have to stick around for about 15 minutes but the rest of the video is still extremely valid to view.

Lindsay's 2004 Phantom Essay:

Well that's it for me. Have a good night, morning, afternoon, whatever. And take what I took away from it all, do you, be you, do the things that bring you joy and hopefully it helps bring a little happiness into the world.

Monday, January 15, 2018


It's high time we did this one.

Chappie is an incredible movie. It takes such a familiar concept of human like artificial Intelligence implanted in a robot body and makes it something new and amazing. So a programmer played by Dev Patel is working on a new AI that works like a human brain, and tests it on a damaged police robot, he gets roped in with this gang of criminals and they force him to use the police robot for their gain. The robot comes alive and starts experiencing new things, learning, and becoming the sentient being known as Chappie. That's the basics, but the movie does a lot with the concept. Chappie is a child, still learning about himself and the world he lives in which I don't think I have ever seen before. With most movies like this, the AI in the robots is above human intelligence and devoid of emotion. Chappie is the exact opposite, obtaining true consciense with a mind and soul like a human. It's not like Ghost In The Shell where the boundaries of human and machine are blurred, and the film asks what is it to be human, it's more about Chappie's life and the decisions that got him to where he is at the end of the movie. It's not a intellectual film, you're not supposed to answer questions but feel emotions. This is an emotional movie, you feel great compassion and want the best for Chappie, you feel love and passion and such enthusiasm from his creator and his adopted mother played to absolute sheer perfection by Yolandi Visser who brings well, heart and soul to Chappie, it's a character driven movie and brings so much to it. Performances across the board are all excellent, emotional attachment is strong throughout, just to see the few days of life in this one robot is something special and the film was just so dang good. I mean guys really, get out there and watch this movie. I can say without falter or doubt that not only is Chappie one of the best movies I have seen in awhile, but it is also one of the best movies ever made.

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Jesus, I can't even imagine seeing this in theaters. The trailer in the theater made my heart race, I think the film would have killed me!

But regardless of better sound systems, Dunkirk is a really good movie. I have to admit I am not one for war films, well I'm just not one for war in general but with this film it did excellent work. Story wise, it's basically a fight for survival. Over 400,000 soldiers are trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk, surrounded by the enemy, looking for anyway out possible. Doesn't sound like much but I would be a lying bastard if I said I wasn't a nervous wreck sitting all the way through it. The friggin' music keeps you on edge from the beginning to the very end! And it is pretty damn good music! Cinematography is excellent, you do feel like you are in a warzone multiple times and the story is harrowing so it keeps you interested until the end. I think my favorite part is there is no real main character, sure we follow a soldier through most of it, and yet he's kind of in the background at the same time. There's no hero or true main character cause in war, there are no heroes or focal points. When survival comes to push or shove, people either work together or fight, and while thankfully it's mostly cooperation there is a few scuffs in between. It's just people trying to survive an impossible scenario, and the film must be commended on that. Bottom line, it's a damn fine war movie that I think would work even better if you watch Darkest Hour, and trust me we will get to that before the week is done. But tomorrow, we look at a film that has been waiting for me for a long time.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

In Retrospect: Mother!

You know what? I get it now.

Yeah after Mother broke my mind and left me literally senseless, on a second viewing, it makes more sense. After the bizzare yet genius ending that made me just break down in crazed laughter, and knowing all the major events and oddities of this film, when you watch it again it makes a hell of a lot more sense. When I was walking back from the theater trying to figure out what I just witnessed, I was just throwing ideas to the wind and I said, "So is this movie trying to tell me Javier Bardem is God?" and that was a stab in the dark. But that stab in the dark hit the mark. Now I'm rhyming. This movie is something else man. I do highly suggest if you decide to see this movie, after you are done, read speculation on the movie and what it means. It will all make sense when you do that. But my opinion has changed. It is a good movie with excellent suspense, Jennifer Lawrence as Insaid carries the film and I legit liked her in this movie and Javier Bardem is well, Javier Bardem so I love him, the movie is surreal, metaphorical, genuinely disturbing. And if that sounds like your kind of movie, great! If not, yeah I still get it. I'm glad I saw it again, for I am not one of those people who see a movie once alone, and certainly not a person who says, "I did not get it at all, this was the worst movie." screw that noise. If a film perplexes you multiple viewings are required. Like Blade Runner! Speaking of which, the new one hits video soon so I will no doubt talk about both when the time comes. But until then, judge for yourself and I will see you next time.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2nd Viewing: The Last Jedi

You know this movie really does get better on a second viewing. Cause the first time, you experience it, feel the emotions, and swept away with the story. On second viewing, you can think about it, because you know all the elements. If you were shifting on where this movie stands, I urge you to view it again. It is the only true way to fully realize it.

I liked The Last Jedi when I first saw it, had some issues and questions, but regardless left the theater happy to see a new Star Wars movie after The Force Awakens gave me hope. Several elements I had issues with, were lessened and resolved on a second viewing. I actually enjoyed the Porgs this time around and were not intrusive on moments, the comedy bits were not as many as I thought and sometimes even had purpose, new characters had their place and I enjoyed them. The only really bad things I could say about this movie is, Benicio del Toro was really wasted and didn't offer much, the Star Destroyer's could have easily overwhelmed eradicated the rebel scum instead of trailing behind, and the last scene sucks. I know the reason it is there. I know. But you can distinctively tell the movie was supposed to end with everyone talking on the Falcon, then they tagged this scene on. I absolutely hate that final scene. Everything else was fine! It was really good, effects were outstanding, story was sound, characters had motivation and development, hell even the whole Canto Bight segment did not feel that long. It was maybe 10 to 15 minutes of movie or at least that's how it felt. I'm gonna say this, and Star Wars fans are either going to hate me for this or get it but.....this felt akin to a Timothy Zahn Star Wars novel, especially in terms of Luke's character, storylines and elements from The Thrawn Trilogy were present here, and the multiple planets we visited. If you read his stuff, you will notice these things. Maybe that's just me, but I could sense it woven through the story. And before I go can I just ask, why does everyone hate Rose? Like....they say she is worse than Jar Jar. Hwhat?? No. You are on crack. No! Wrong! Completely, and utterly wrong. They gave her a bit of character, she wasn't annoying, I found her to be a likeable, kind, and very human woman, and by God she wears that First Order uniform to perfection. Just why this massive amounts of hate? You could get far...far worse in terms of characters, so take a step back, breathe, think. I never got too excited for any new Star Wars movie and I am a huge fan for now over 20 years, but I accepted it, I was excited but did not expect everything, I was just happy to see another new Star Wars movie. I never theorized or tried to piece together a puzzle that may well not be there, though fun you can never take it too seriously. People are trying to pretty much Death Star this movie from the Star Wars Universe, and make it not exist. This has only happened once, and it was the Star Wars Holiday Special and that actually deserved to be wiped out. This is better than that. I'm not saying I'm better than you or anything like that, I'm just stating my opinion. This is a really good Star Wars movie, I would place it in my top 5 easy. So I only ask if you just saw it once, see it again, then come here and tell me what you think. Time has passed, you've been able to think it over, accept some things, now you can progress forward. Do this, for me.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Moonrise Kingdom

Holy shrimp, this movie was amazing! Talk about starting the year right, I friggin' loved this movie!

Moonrise Kingdom is that special kind of quirky odd movie directed by Wes Anderson, who if you know anything about, this is his style of movie. The story centers on two lovestruck kids who decide to run away together while their families and the authorities try to find them. Now I want you to read that synopsis very carefully. Now throw it all out of your head, because this movie is so much more. Moonrise Kingdom made me laugh consistently throughout with it's bizarre comedy, but it's so difficult to describe though. I say just go watch the movie to fully understand what I mean. Now again I must strongly state this is an odd movie. Not...subject matter wise, the film is grounded in reality but more, how the story is told. The first say, 10 minutes of this movie is going to either make or break your interest, granted the opening scene is shot magnificently and it sets the mood very quickly by the second setting we are in, but I do strongly suggest you stick around. Another element in this film, you could even say the most important element, is the romance between the kids. And you know what? I absolutely loved it, I found it endearing, quirky, but very charming and I really wanted to see them escape and live their lives together. Honestly, if you just have a very open mind and an even weirder sense of humor, and just roll with it, Moonrise Kingdom will not disappoint you. I have to say, when this movie was new, I really wanted to see it. And now I finally did! In fact, I will buy this movie, that's how much I loved it! It was just a quirky, funny, charming movie that really put me in a great mood. Just all the ingredients were perfect, and I loved this movie. I was stumped for the first movie of the year, but with this I honestly could not have picked a better movie.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Top 10 Films Of 2017

Woah what a year right? I actually saw some stuff! I saw what, 30 new movies this year? Damn. But what were the best? I'm glad you asked....

10. Justice League. The DC universe is off to a good start and I cannot wait for more!

9. Blade Runner 2049. For a sequel to a movie that I desperately need to watch again, Blade Runner 2049 was an excellent film, visually striking and a cerebral plot. One of a kind.

8. IT. God bless it Bill Skarsgard, why must you be so awesome? I was hesitant at first, but this was a great movie. A lot of awesome talent, decent scares, and continuing in the not too distant future.

7. Baby Driver. Awesome. That is the one word I would describe this movie.

6. Kong Skull Island. Kickass monster movie leading to the greatest rematch in cinematic history!

5. Logan. Hopefully not Hugh's last stand, because lord knows I love the guy and this is a phenomenal movie, and will no doubt be one of the greatest comic book movies ever made.

4. Wonder Woman. Damn girl. Just damn. Everybody loved it, I love it, you love it, what more is there to say?

3. The Shape Of Water. Odd? Yes. Lovely? Yes. Sally Hawkins? How do I ever even think to say no?

2. The Last Jedi. Jesus, that was a polarizing movie. Still really liked it, not the greatest, not the worst, definitely will buy it. I can't complain.

1. War For The Planet Of The Apes. Apes together.....strong. This is the strongest trilogy I've ever seen. More than Star Wars! Because every sequel kept getting better and better, it had a beginning and an end, with a great story, an Oscar worthy performance by Andy Serkis, and really I knew when I saw it that the only competition for best film of the year would be The Last Jedi. It was the only movie that could top this movie, and as we can see it did not.

So let it be written, so let it be done. The best films of 2017. Hopefully this year will be just as great as last year at the movies. See you then.