Friday, June 26, 2015


I'm sorry that I was late, kinda busy yesterday and Heat is an almost 3 hour movie. I got through most of it but not all.

So Heat is one of the best crime drama movies ever put to celluloid directed by Michael Mann, and anything to do with Michael Mann and bank robberies is no bad thing! The story is that a team of expert bank robbers led by Robert De Niro steal millions of dollars in bonds, and a detective played by Al Pacino has to take him down. The whole movie centers around these characters actions and emotions, and it feels completely real, even though Al Pacino chews the scenery a little bit but that only makes it more enjoyable. And yeah, this is the movie with the greatest running firefight ever recorded on film, I'm serious. It goes on for like 10 minutes, there's no music all you hear is gunfire, and the weird thing is it's not even at the finale of the movie, it's about halfway through. But that's not even the best scene of the movie. The real best scene is when Robert De Niro and Al Pacino sit down in a cafe and talk to each other. And the reason why it is a big deal is because it's the hero and the villain sitting down, drinking coffee and talking about why they do what they do. I can't think of a single movie where the hero and villain sit down, have a drink, and just talk to each other. It has never been done, and it's very well written, very well acted, and is just so damn good. The ending is thrilling and yet touching, and is the perfect way to end this amazing film. If you are a fan of bank robberies, complex characters, amazing directing, brilliant writing, and are just a fan of crime dramas then Heat is for you.

And that ends this week of movie reviews. Join me next week when we look at some true love letters to the action hero franchise.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stand Up Guys

I hope to God when I get old I'm as badass as these guys. They're just awesome!

Yes, another Christopher Walken movie. I love the guy, he is the man! So the plot of Stand Up Guys is Al Pacino's character has just been released from prison after twenty something years, and he wants to get his old gang back together for one last gig. His best friend Doc played by Christopher Walken tells him that the last member of the gang played by Alan Arkin has been ill and placed in a retirement home so they got to go bust him out and have some fun. I don't know why but I love movies where old people go on these adventures or misadventures and they just have fun. And that is what this movie is, fun. You have a blast watching these old friends just do stuff together and kinda get into trouble. Something about it is very endearing and pleasant. And I am serious, they are the coolest old people you will ever meet. I want to do everything they do in this movie when I get old, hang out with my friends, go dancing with pretty girls, have breakfast at like 3 AM in the morning, kick some serious ass, drive around in a muscle car, all that good stuff. And the movie ends exactly the way you want it, I was so damn happy at how the movie ended. It even has emotional moments in it, and you feel what the characters feel. Bottom line, go see this movie. If you like these sort of fun, action, adventure stories with older people, I think you will very much enjoy Stand Up Guys. I aspire to be a stand up guy, and I hope some of you will too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Seven Psychopaths

You know I really think that people who love American Psycho are going to really enjoy this film.

Seven Psychopaths is a comedy at heart, but I think very much like American Psycho you have to be a psychopath or at least someone who's not right in the head to enjoy some of the humor. I love this movie, it's very different from your normal movie which is it's strong point. It centers around a writer and his two friends who dognap a psychopath's shih tzu and they have to sort out their little problem before they all get killed. The performances in this movie are awesome, anything with Christopher Walken in it is no bad thing, in fact it's an amazing thing, and yet surprisingly Christopher Walken doesn't steal the show, it's Sam Rockwell. The humor is dark at times but it's mostly just dialogue between the characters and how their personalities bounce off of each other. It has a lot of heart and emotion in it, and I got to tell you the first time I watched it, I bawled my eyes out at one scene it was so heartbreaking, just the music and the characters in the got to me. But it also has serious moments in it and even thought provoking moments at times. It's just such a great and quirky little film that will most certainly entertain you and hopefully it will be a film you will want to see again and again. I know it is for me, so if you ever get the chance to see it by all means do. It's worth your time, it's worth your money. You'll enjoy the characters, you'll enjoy the story, you will enjoy Seven Psychopaths. I promise on my life.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Breakfast Club

Okay...after watching this movie again, I remember why people say this is the best John Hughes movie.

Yeah, it's the best although Weird Science is my favorite. So the story of The Breakfast Club is really the most simple of all plots, five students at a high school spend detention together on a Saturday. But I'll be damned if that's the whole film, because as the movie goes on you learn more about the characters. Hell in my high school we watched this movie as a character study! This is the epitome of a character driven story, because all it focuses on is the teenagers. We learn about the paths of life they all come from and well, really and truly who they are. A brain, a athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. And yet there is so, so much more to these characters than what they identify themselves as. And the more I think about it, I have never said or understood people who say a movie is 'deep', it makes no sense to me but you know, that is this movie! It's a deep movie! Nothing is as it seems in this film, you just think of these people as stereotypes at first but by the end of the movie they are fully, complete three dimensional characters and you love all of them. The story although simple is brilliant, the characters are the heart and soul of the movie, the setting is nice, the music is great, it's just genius! If you could only watch one single John Hughes movie this would be it. I cannot stress how good a movie this truly is. Please for the love of all that is good and wholesome in this world, watch it!

Okay, that's it for this week. Next week, we'll be getting a little more action and typical summer movie tropes but in not so typical movies.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Weird Science

Yeah this is my favorite John Hughes film.

Ah, Weird Science a movie where two young lads create a perfect woman with their computer...and SCIENCE!! And actually while watching this movie again I had a stunning realization, this movie is the prototype of Her. No seriously, it has a woman born of computer technology, has a romantic relationship with somebody, makes sure that their partner has someone with them, and although Weird Science is a comedy and an excellent one at that it still has a lot of emotion and some real heavy hearted stuff. I just love this movie more than any other of John Hughes work, I enjoy the idea of the movie, the characters are hilarious, there is a serious message and it's stated a few times and it really sticks with you, the look of the film is very cool, the humor is very good, and the effects still hold up pretty well. The casting choices are just right, we have Anthony Michael Hall in it and Ilan Michael Smith as two geeks and their chemistry together is what makes the film funny, we have Kelley LeBrock as Lisa their creation and she does kinda steal the show but you still enjoy her nevertheless, Bill Paxton as Chet the very military big brother is friggin' busting my gut funny in this movie he's awesome! The movie is a blast to say the least, I've yet to meet anyone who said they didn't like Weird Science. Every scene you feel belongs like, you really couldn't cut anything out or change the dialogue because it would hurt the movie. But my absolute favorite scene is when they go to this night club and they are the whitest white boys ever but then they cut back and they are like the coolest cats in town, and it's funny as all get out and I can actually relate to that situation, cause I'm as white as it gets but people still say I'm the coolest person to hang out with and it makes me laugh my ass off, cause you wouldn't think that. But, it definitely deserves to be watched because it is a very good film and not too many people know about it, which is kind of a shame! I think you'll really like the movie, so just give it a shot and see what you think.

 Okay, tomorrow you knew we had to review this one. It's John Hughes people, it's inevitable! Everyone says it's his greatest film and if you haven't seen it God.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sixteen Candles

Okay I have a serious 80's jones this month, because for the second week we will look at three John Hughes Classics from the 80's.

So Sixteen Candles is a fantastic and insanely good movie from the 80's starring leader of the Brat Pack, Molly Ringwald centering around a teenage girl named Samantha whose family forgets her sixteenth birthday and her subsequent attempts to achieve romance with a high school hunk. Okay I am going to be serious here, I had no admiration or love for this movie until I saw it in it's entirety, and now I consider this one of the best films of the 1980's. It has such charm and heart, and is outrageously funny, with great characters and genius writing by John Hughes. And I hate teen movies except for the ones by John Hughes, I don't know how he does it but he just makes teen movies so damn good! I love this movie, it's not my favorite John Hughes movie but it is easily top three, maybe even top two. I can't fully explain why this film is so great, I urge you to go out and see this movie. It is well worth your time and money. I'm pretty sure every friggin' character in this movie made me have a pretty good laugh. Samantha herself starts out very bratty and very uptight, but you can completely sympathize with her and you really start to like her quick. Anthony Michael Hall plays this outrageous and hilarious geek who is an absolute ass at the beginning of this film, but as the movie goes on you like him more and more until you love him. The soundtrack....oh dear God the soundtrack! Let me tell you something, I have never ever watched a movie where the soundtrack itself makes me laugh my ass off, it's so brilliant and has perfect chosen music. And I'm serious, there is one scene in the movie that makes the whole film worthwhile and really cements it as more than just a teen movie, it's a heart to heart talk and it's very real and all too true and it's the best scene in the movie and my personal favorite scene. I can rave about this movie all day, but I will just let you go and see it for yourself. Give it a watch and see if you adore it just as much as I do.

So next week, we're reviewing my favorite John Hughes film, and it is not gonna be what you expect.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Back To The Future III

I seriously cannot understand why people treat this movie so differently from the other two. It's awesome!

Maybe the reason people treat it so differently is because, it truly is different from the other movies because it's set back in the old west. So the final chapter of this fantastic trilogy has Marty learning that Doc has been sent back to the year 1885 after a lightning storm and now he has to go back further than he has before in time, and save his best friend. Maybe I'm just a sucker for the western vibe this movie has, but I love it! We get to see Hill Valley when it first started out, we get to see the clock tower start, we get to see what Doc has been up to in the old west, it's great. And it is a little sad to see the trilogy end, but it's not at all bad for the characters. Marty gets back home, starts planning his future with his girlfriend, Doc actually falls in love with a teacher back in the old west and they have a family and travel through time, so it really is a bright and happy ending. And the movie is very different from the other films, but in no way does it take away from the experience. It's still Back To The Future and it's a hell of a good sequel. And that is my review of the Back To The Future trilogy. I will see you guys next week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back To The Future II

Yes, this movie takes place in the year 2015, and I am still waiting on my hoverboard and flying car!

So Back To The Future II is an incredible sequel to the original. It does nothing but add on to the experience and the greatness of the original, and adds a surprising twist to it all. So the story picks up immediately after Back To The Future when Doc comes back from the year 2015 to warn Marty about some big problems with his kids, so he brings Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer to the year 2015 to right the wrongs of their very own future. But that's only the first problem that pops up, soon well stuff happens due to Marty's greed getting the best of him and a long story short, an alternate timeline of 1985 is created where Biff has turned Hill Valley into Hell on Earth. So Doc and Marty have to travel once again back to 1955 to solve that problem. Now of course, there's a ton more to the story than what I told you, and if you loved the original you're going to love the sequel even more! The characters have even more depth and personality to them, the setting is both interestingly new and familiar old, and the film just adds to the fun factor and also greatly adds to the original film in more ways than one. And we still got one more film to review, some consider it to be the black sheep of the series but I consider it just as good as the other two.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Back To The Future

Okay, I swear to God I didn't plan this. Today is Michael J. Fox's birthday and it just so happens I scheduled my review of Back To The Future on the same day.

So Back To The Future, one of the greatest time travel movies ever made! How does it hold up? Well...incredibly so. I mean yes the movie takes place in the 80's and the 50's but it doesn't at all feel dated, in fact it feels very new. It's kind of difficult to explain how the movie's time frame impacts you, but I would damn near describe it as timeless! It's a film that has aged incredibly well. So what's the story? A kid named Marty McFly is a teenager in the year 1985 and he's friends with a brilliant scientist, Dr. Emmet Brown who one day invents a time machine out of a DeLorean, and through a series of events Marty accidentally travels back to the year 1955. So he has to meet up with his old friend despite the fact he doesn't know Marty yet and help him get back to the future. Now the plot sounds awfully familiar because almost every single time travel movie since this came out has copied the formula, because it works really well. But don't let that deter you from seeing this movie because you've heard of the plot a hundred times. The film is a hell of a lot more than what you expect, and it is a fun and great movie to watch. I just realized this for the first time now that I am properly reviewing it, that 85% of the shots and the dialogue in this movie are very, very important to the plot. There is hardly ever a moment of filler in this movie. Every scene, every word spoken has significance in the grand scheme of things, and not just for this movie but the entire trilogy. The dialogue is interesting and very funny, the characters are great, the settings are very realistic as it is set in two past era's, the performances are the bloodline of this entire franchise and every single one of these people give it their all, and everything about it just works to an amazing degree and I love it! Hell, there are even people that stand by their opinion that Back To The Future is the greatest movie of all time, and I can kinda understand that. Is it my favorite movie of all time? No. But do I understand why people would say that? Absolutely! Bottom line, go out, buy all the Back To The Future movies, marathon them, and judge for yourself if you would like to go back to Back To The Future in the future.

Tune in tomorrow where we examine the fantastic sequel and the impact it has on the year 2015.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Planning Ahead

Okay so I have spent this entire week just planning out my reviews for the next month. Obviously now that it is summer, I have to start reviewing summer movies, whether it be action movies or just movies that you would watch during the summer time. But why stop there? I have also got the first week of reviews planned in July, I have all of October planned out, and at least half of December. So, yeah I've been doing some serious planning. This is what I do in my spare time.

So for the next two weeks we will revisit some fantastic 80's movies, and then the week after that we will be shifting gears to more action movies including one that has the greatest running firefight in the history of film and it's not Hardboiled! And then the first week of July, I thought "What could I do to lead up to the Fourth of July?" and then I thought about a trilogy of action films that are old and yet so new. In October it's going to be pure classic horror, I'm even thinking of reviewing a movie a day in that month, and to cap off the year in December I will review only the greatest fantasy epics of all time.

So I hope to see you all next week, when I take you back to the past.