Friday, June 30, 2017

Despicable Me 3

I hate it when I'm right!

This is the weakest Despicable Me movie, it's not even a fraction as funny as the last two, our main characters are still likable, the story is uneventful. I mean when you hear that Gru has a brother, and they do villain stuff, you expect them to kinda have fun with it, and they one single scene. It was just so underwhelming. I liked the villain but only because I love the 80s, so that's a positive (But not really). I don't know guys, this just really landed flat on me. Pretty much if you watched the trailers, you saw the movie. All the funny parts were in the trailer, the entire movie was in the trailer, so I'm gonna say it! Just watch the trailer. I do have to admit, the people in the theater enjoyed it and there were all kinds there, single persons, couples (even older than me), and of course families so maybe I'm wrong.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Despicable Me 2

Okay, I surprisingly find this movie better than the last.

So Despicable Me 2 picks up about a year after the last with Gru being a single father, as he is recruited by an organization to help solve a case. And then, well a lot of stuff happens. Gru has a partner Lucy played hysterically by Kristen Wiig and they kinda got a thing going on, minions are disappearing left and right, and Margot has a crush. Boy that sounded like a bad recap to a tv show didn't it? So what do I think of this movie? I actually really like it, the characters have more depth to them, the comedy had me on the floor laughing at parts in fact I can sum the comedy to me in a single phrase: Comes in strong bursts. When a joke hits, it hits like a sandbag alright? Surprisingly most the things I laugh at in these movie are just tiny details in the character's design or how they spoke their lines, and not much the material intended to make you laugh. Good or bad? You make the call! But yeah, the comedy was waaaaay better than the first, the characters I thought were more interesting (although I will admit Gru is way more awesome when he is evil), and I like the plot more. So I can easily say this is a wonderful family film with excellent animation, great voice acting, bizarre yet effective jokes, and does make me want to see what happens next in this series. I'm thinking a double feature tomorrow, two brand spanking new movies out in theaters. Hopefully it will work out.

Despicable Me

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do not hate this movie. I'm going to repeat that again, I do NOT hate this movie.

It took me years to watch this movie, you gotta watch Despicable Me, it's so funny, the minions are hilarious, blah, blah, blah! I heard that for like 3 damn years! The minion thing was bad, it wasn't like now where they are on everything in the flippin' universe but it was still pretty bad. I was pessimistic towards it. But when I was finally forced to watch it, I found an okay movie. Now hold your fire, and do not castrate me, Despicable Me is a good movie. It's a great family movie to watch with an original idea, fun characters, and good bits of comedy. It is not Miyazaki, it is not Disney, it's not even really Don Bleuth in terms of acclaim. Again, let me explain. While the plot is decent, focusing on a villain who tries to steal the moon (brownie points for dreaming big hun.) and in the process adopts 3 little girls in order to accomplish his plan, it still falls into certain tropes. The guy who's kind of an ass but has a heart of gold will come to love and appreciate the girls he originally did not like, and they'll all live happily ever after. Doesn't take much beyond a 5th grader's intellect to guess where the movie goes. While the animation style is quite decent, some shots did look very clunky and rigid while other's were near flawless in execution. I know animation is the hardest job in the world, so I can't bash it much. Seriously the best parts of the movie are the girls and when Gru tries to attempt to steal a shrink ray, it just has a very Chuck Jones or Tex Avery style straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon, and I love that. The girls are extremely cute, like to the point you want to adopt them yourself but I swear I got the diabeetus when the littlest girl Agnes was on screen. The minions are not in the forefront of this movie, and they're comedy is....hit and miss. I'm either laughing my ass off or I'm just begging for the scene to end. My main question is, what was the target audience for this movie? Kids. Okay, how old? We talking kindergarten to maybe 6th grade? Not that there is a problem with that, I just am very curious since it kinda exploded and is now accesible to all ages from preschoolers to past fully grown adults. So overall, Despicable Me is indeed a good family movie and is great to watch if you just want a movie night with your kiddos but honestly I just am not that in love with it. Do I like it? Sure! Do I want to see the 3rd movie? Yeah, I mean that's why I'm doing this right? I'd tell you to rent or buy it but chances are every household owns a copy so there you go.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Transformers The Last Knight

Farewell Michael Bay, you will not be missed.

Yeah supposedly this is his last Transformers movie, so how did he end it? I have no idea. It wasn't a piece of crap, it wasn't great. It was just okay, it was fine, so take from that what you will. You know what pissed me off though? I was fully expecting Unicron in this movie. You see this planet looking thing devour the moon, so I thought Unicron but no! It's Cybertron which doesn't make any sense cause it kinda got screwed over worse than Metropolis in Man Of Steel, but it's fine, it's coming to use some science bullcrap to reform the planet. Oh and nice job paying off the glimpse we had of evil Optimus Prime or Nemesis Prime as he calls himself (Awesome name though!) being in the movie for a grand total of maybe 10 minutes, 4 of which are him actually evil. That's not a bait and switch at all. But the movie made up for it with Anthony Hopkins, who is awesome. He was on screen quite a bit, and was no doubt the best part of the movie! All the other characters were kinda blah, even Marky Mark who isn't terrible but I do feel he was at his best in Age Of Extinction. Age of Extinction was the best in my opinion. You want to know my rankings of the live action Transformers movies, it goes like this: 1. Age Of Extinction, 2. The Last Knight, 3. Transformers, 4. Dark Of The Moon, 5. Revenge Of The Fallen. Bam there you go! Do I recommend this movie? No, not in theaters but when it hits home video it will be fine for a movie night. I'm so happy I am done with Transformers, I get to do other movies. So I am a happy camper! Until next week....

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Transformers Age Of Extinction

What...the...flying ostriches? A GOOD Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay? I call foul.

How...the frak did this happen? Like, it was really good! I didn't hate the humans, I liked all the Autobots, the comedy was decent, the action was good, what is this?? Okay got to breathe. Take it slow. So the movie picks up 5 years after the last movie, we ditch the annoying characters and we meet up with Mark Wahlberg (Yeah I know his character has a name but you're going to call him Mark Wahlberg.) and the world has changed. The Autobots are hunted by the government, a corporation has created transformers and upgraded them, and this weird like bounty hunter transformer is helping the government in hunting down both Autobots and Decepticons. Whoa. And the bounty hunter guy is trying to almost terraform Earth in order to create new robots, and Prime rounds up all 4 Autobots who didn't bite the dust and all of them rock! We get this hardcore military guy voiced by John Goodman (Far out man.), we get a samurai, we got Bumblebee still, we get this gunslinger looking dude, and they all kick ass and need I say anything about Optimus? Well, one line kinda pissed off Peter Cullen and I highly agree with him, it just doesn't seem like Prime but I still enjoy watching him. And Megatron becomes Galvatron, and he does.....absolutely nothing. He barely fights, it's not his evil plan this movie, he's just kinda there. Hell even the bounty hunter guy doesn't really do much beyond the kinda, sorta, terraforming thing. And yet somehow, the movie is still good. All the human characters I like, well except for one but the snitch got what he deserved so no harm there. No forced comedy or just plain stupid attempts at getting laughs, when you laugh you really laugh. What the hell happened?! I mean I got to the point last week where I never wanted to talk about Transformers for the rest of my life, and yet this movie was good?? Did I jump dimensions again man? This is getting weird. I can't believe I'm saying this but, check this movie out! See if it's worth the decent rating I gave. Apparently The Last Knight is, well the last Transformers movie and it hits tomorrow so expect a review soon for it.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Rough Night

I needed a break from Transformers, so here we go!

Rough Night is a quite enjoyable comedy about a group of friends who, one day set up a bachelorette party and it turns into as the title says a rough night. All seems to be going well until a stripper comes and you know, they kinda, maybe, sort of accidentaly bash his brains out on the nice white tile floors and have to hide the body. It happens. So the whole night is ruined as our group of friends try to evade jail time for manslaughter. Oh well, it leads to some decent comedy and some of the events that unfold you surprisingly don't see coming and hell, even one little scene hit me right in the heart because of how unabashedly real it is. But I almost want to say the movie is a vehicle for these talented ladies comedy, it is, but it tells a decent story as well. The Lady Scarlett is in this movie which always makes me happy and she does have bursts of comedy but isn't afraid to bust the waterworks, although I have to really say Kate McKinnon slayed me! She was kinda the best part of the movie, and I know how blasphemous that is to me but it's true! That Australian accent just brings such joy to me! And the rest of the ladies like Jillian Bell and Ilana Glaze were really putting their all into this, so they of course have to be commended. Did I enjoy seeing the movie? Yes, absolutely. Would I buy it? Well, probably not. Rent it for a movie night with friends, without a doubt but not buy it. Do I recommend you see it in the theaters? Yeah, if you got nothing to do that day, you feel kinda bored, make a trip to the theater and see if it makes your day a bit better! Well that's all for this week, tune in next week to finish the Michael Bay shit sandwhich and cap it off with another In Retrospect. Take care everybody!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Transformers Dark At The Moon

You know what? I don't need to write a review. Someone way more talented and hilarious has made a video on Transformers 3, and pretty much said everything I have ever had to say abouth this movie. So guess what? I'm putting a link to that video! And watch his Transformers 2 video, that kicks ass. Dude even took notes while watching the movie, just like me. He's got this man. He's got this by the ass!!

So here's the link:

That's all folks! See you tomorrow for a new movie!

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen

This movie is terrible. One of the worst I have ever seen. But the rage has left and all I feel is contempt and disdain.

Revenge Of The Comic Sidekicks oh sorry, I mean Fallen takes place 2 years after the first. But I assure you this movie is far more original than the first, it follows the Autobots and Decepticons as they search for an ancient relic from their homeworld of immense power whose location is only known to Shia Labeouf. Wait. Yep, it's the same movie only with a few more references to the original Transformers movie from the 80s. God I so am fed up with these movies. What is there to say? It sucks. The action is subpar, the comedy itself is a joke, the characters are insufferable, it's just so bad! There is less reason to watch this movie than the last! Okay, when the first movie hit, we didn't know. It was, oh cool a Transformers movie! And the movie wasn't horrible, it was adequate. No harm, no foul. Then the second one a slap in the genitals, and it sucked balls! It's such rubbish! 4 pages of notes this time! And we're still not done!! And I quite possibly despise the 3rd movie the most. We shall see. Hang out on my twitter to see my notes this time, not as good this time since the anger has faded but still interesting to read. Better than this shit!

Transformers (2007)


This movie is such f***ing bullshit. I hate this! It is revolting! More? No thanks. ($5 to the people who got that reference.) I mean where do I start? Well spoilers full speed ahead, I am ruining this movie for you cause no one should see it! Ever!! Okay, so the movie takes an awesome concept like Transformers, two warring factions of sentient robots here on Earth, and posions it with unimaginable amounts of fecal matter. Hey, I got a great idea! Let's make a movie with the title of Transformers and make it all about boring, idiotic, and beyond stereotyped human characters! But not only that let's make the famous tagline "Robots in disguise" completely meaningless since they never hide. Ever. At least Captain Lennox is awesome. He's cool, I like him, very nice man. I refuse to go through the whole movie cause it's a miracle I watched it without causing harm to myself and others so cliffnote time! Autobots and Decepticons have travelled to Earth to find an all powerful relic of their planet Cybertron, and guess who holds the vital information? Shia LaBeouf. Kill me. I mean you want to talk horrible acting? Jesus Christ! Oh but wait, we also have Megan Fox who I still enjoy the fact no one calls her an actor. We know what she is here for, to be objectified by the camera and used for eye candy for all the teenage boys. And that is the target audience here! That or you know...idiots. But I digress. I wrote 5 PAGES of observations on this movie, 90% of which was negative. Don't worry I'll share it on my twitter after I post the review, an extra glimpse into my mind. I mean wow, even the action sucks and that's what we want to see! There is no fundamental level of storytelling, filmmaking, or likeability that this movie has. By the way, good guys win. Shocking I know. Oh, and Peter Cullen you are the man!! And you know what? I'm doing the other 2 movies today!! Why? Because I have better movies to review, like Logan which I know I am extremely late on, or that new comedy Rough Night with my Scarlett. Oh yes. So please don't watch this movie, for humanity's sake. Next review will be up in a few hours. Check out my twitter to see the notes I wrote @whatthedudesays. Keep praying for me, I really need it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In Retrospect: The Lego Batman Movie

Yep, still awesome.

I am soooo happy I finally got this sucker on DVD! Now I can pause on nearly every shot and scour for more easter eggs to feed my batmania! But yeah, The Lego Batman movie is still just as entertaining and hilarious as when I first saw it. Special honors go to Will Arnett for being awesome and Zach Galifianakis for being one of the most entertaining Jokers of all time. I still have no idea how they make these Lego movies, I mean it looks like stopmotion but it moves so fast I can't quite say that. It's just such a fun movie and no doubt will be rewatched time and time again like every other Batman movie I ever owned. Is it the best? Well, it all depends on your point of view. Storywise it's not, but in terms of an overall experience it almost definitely is! There's just so much to love about it, from the animation style, to the characters, to the humor and situations. It's just great. Buy it now. That's all there is to it, if you love animated movies, if you loved The Lego Movie, or you're just a diehard or casual fan of the Batman then by all means get it!

But the rest of this week.....put a friggin' fork in me. I had to do it sooner or later, but I don't want to do it. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to review it. But it's like a needle, it might be unpleasant but once you do it you'll be better off. This week, we do Transformers. Not even the cool 80s Transformers movie, the horrible ones. The first 3, then next week we do the other one leading to (hopefully) the last movie. Pray for me.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Batman The Movie (1966)

I love this movie. This may be my favorite Batman movie.

Now I'm not just saying that because of Adam, I am seriously thinking this is the best Batman movie. Why? Well let's see, it's pretty much a prolonged episode of the original series which I love. It's virually bulletproof from criticism because every single decision in terms of sets, acting, and even action were done on purpose, it's campy on purpose and that is the beauty of it. The sets from Wayne Manor, to the Batcave, and hell even the villain's lair are nothing short of kaleidoscopic! Color leaps off the screen. I highly recommend you buy the blu-ray for this movie, the picture and sound quality are a sight to behold and it has excellent bonus features. So what's the story to this marvellous, colorful, and just plain awesome movie? Well Bruce and Dick are called into action when news of a ship captain and his astounding new invention have disappeared, due to the combined forces of the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman. So our caped crusaders are off once again to the rescue to save the entire world from evil. Easy plot to understand and enjoy, with now classic characters in the forefront played to perfection by our cast. Now I said it once, and I'll say it again. Adam West is THE Batman! There is without a doubt in my mind he had the suit and the car at his house and fought crime. Burt is a joy to watch even though he doesn't get much action as Batman (in slightly more ways than one) but he still does great work. But I would be lying if I said the villains didn't steal the show! So fun, so hilarious, and devilishly clever! And you know what? I don't really appreciate people who dislike the Adam West show or the movie. So it's not dark or gothic, get over it. Without the show, Batman comics would have been cancelled. In fact, all of the villains besides the Joker were rarely in comics, and the personality and attributes of these characters in modern day come from the movie and the show. Whether you like it or not, this version of Batman made the character as popular as he is today. So that's why I hold this movie and the tv series so highly. It's both a wonderful introduction to the character, and a fan favorite to revisit. This Knight might be bright, but he is the hero Gotham needs right now.

But wait! There is more yet to come from Gotham City! Tune in tomorrow, same time same channel!

Friday, June 9, 2017

The Mummy (2017)

Oh Sofia Boutella......

What is wrong with people? All I heard about this before I saw it was this movie sucked, it's garbage, nothing really nice about it, and it was awesome! Now I might be biased because I am a very big fan of the Universal Monsters. I thought this movie was great! The action was decent, the comedy was hit or miss but nothing to ruin the movie, the horror aspect was quite good although I must admit it fell into the trope of jump scares, and even the cast ranged from not bad to holy hell can I marry you! Tom Cruise was fine, he did the job and he did it well so no complaints there, Russel Crowe as Dr. Jekell was an interesting choice but I would be lying if I said it was bad, Annabelle Wallis's character was just bland so I don't blame the actress I blame the character for not doing much to get me invested in her. And then there is Sofia. Oh God Like dude, wow. You wanna talk great? You wanna talk awesome? You wanna talk sympathetic, creepy, terrifying, and a touch sexy? Bam, Sofia Boutella in The Mummy! Perfect! Love, love, love her in this movie! You are my golden girl now Sofia! Huh, what's that? This is supposed to be a review, so talk about the movie? Well fine then! The story was a great twist on the usual Mummy lore, with a princess destined to be the next pharaoh of Egypt until the pharaoh has a son and denies her of her throne, so she kinda....snapped and killed the pharaoh and the baby (kinda dark), and she even makes a pact with the Egyptian equivalent of Satan! Nice. But she gets captured, buried alive, and her tomb is not discovered for over 3000 years. So Tom Cruise wakes her up, thank you very much Mr. Cruise, she decides to wreck shit and be you know awesome and she even takes a certain fancy to Tom's character, damn you Mr. Cruise. But Russel Crowe has this kinda sorta secret league where they hunt monsters, and they try to take her down. So that's basic plot, and I found myself very interested cause I want this to work so bad. I need a cinematic universe of Universal Monsters! The monsters are back after 86 years. High time for a comeback! Go see this movie, if for no other reason than for me. You people can have your superhero movies always, but who has got the love for the monsters? I certainly do. So of course I highly recommend to see this movie in theaters, go watch it, be introduced to a new world of gods and monsters. And see if you can pick out those easter eggs in the glass jars! I have faith in you. Until next week.....

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Mummy Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

No wonder it took 7 years to make this friggin' movie!

Sweet Jesus I am having severe flashbacks to Pirates. Not a good start. I don't feel like recounting the plot! Blah, blah, blah, ancient evil, drama, betrayal, curses, evil wakes up. Rick and company got to deal with it. Same old shit. Though it is awfully nice to change it up from Ancient Egypt to Ancient China. It does a bit more in terms of how powerful the villain is. But honestly setting it after World War 2 barely does anything. So strike one, familiar plot to Pirates. Strike two, Rachel Weisz could not reprise her role and it hurts the film majorly in my eyes, cause she made that character and seeing someone else in the role feels incredibly wrong. And strike three, they bring motherf***ing yetis in this movie!!! Are you high?? Just...just why? Congratulations, the Mummy trilogy has jumped the shark! Ugh, God. One shining star, the silver lining in these dark clouds is Michelle Yeoh. She is awesome! She raises an undead army to fight stone soldiers! I'm so in admiration of her it's not hardly real. Needless to say she is my favorite character. Oh yeah, and they totally wasted Jet Li as the Dragon Emperor. Thank you so much for that. You know, I heard that the new Mummy movie isn't that great but boy howdy let me tell you something, it can't be worse than this. Like it is going to rock my socks off compared to this! And I can't wait. A shared world with the Universal Monsters? Dream come true for me. And we'll talk about that tomorrow.

The Mummy Returns

Took only 3 years for a sequel, so was it worth the wait after the original was a success?

So this movie picks up about 10 years later, and it turns out Rick and Evie have a family life with their son Alex while still exploring Egyptian tombs, temples, and so on. Although, after the first movie I don't think I would go anywhere near Egypt. Hell even the characters kind of poke fun at the plot being similar to the first. What's the plot? Glad you asked. So Rick and Evie find a cursed bracelet that gets stuck on Alex, meanwhile Imhotep is once again ressurected, so it's a race to not only defeat him once again but save Alex's life. That's basic plot, but there is more to it in the movie. If I had to pick between this movie or the first, that's surprisingly hard to choose. The action in this while brief is okay, I dare say it has an almost Raiders Of The Lost Ark look and feel in some places. The characters we all have come to know and like return in this movie, same as ever which is a treat because we get to see decent character development throughout the film, especially with Rick and Evie. Thankfully it only takes about 30 minutes for Imhotep to be ressurected, and maybe another 15 to 20 minutes until we see Arnold Vosloo in action again. He doesn't make the film in this movie, but he certainly doesn't harm it in any way. The comedy is still there, just not as funny, at least in my opinion. I have to go with the first movie being the best so far but we got one more Mummy movie. And I have never seen it. Probably because it took them 7 YEARS to get a third movie! That shit would never happen in this day and age. I mean can you believe at one point Lord Of The Rings legit had to fight to get 3 movies?? Now it's a miracle if a movie doesn't get a sequel. But I digress. Review will be up for the 3rd movie tonight. See you soon!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Mummy (1999)

Well this movie was on a list of reviews to be done, and since I already did the classic 1932 Universal Mummy movie, it only makes sense to talk about the most recent ones before the new movie hits Friday.

So The Mummy was released in 1999, even though I could have sworn it was earlier in the 90s, starring Brendan Fraiser and Rachel Weisz. So the story is a basic retelling of the 1932 Mummy, with the priest Imhotep buried alive after having a love affair with the pharoah's mistress, only to be ressurected and it's up to our 3 heroes Rick, Evie, and Jonathan to find a way to defeat the ancient evil before he you guessed it, destroys the world. Okay, not exactly Shakespeare in terms of story but it is a decent action adventure movie. You know, it's kind of weird. This movie is actually kind of a hybrid remake of past Mummy movies. It has the story of Imhotep and his ressurection from the original movie but it takes it's action and adventure standpoint from future Mummy movies that occured after the original. Except those movies followed a different mummy named Karras, and I know this Mummy Movies 101 is going in depth but I wouldn't consider this a good review if I didn't talk about the origins. But basically, this movie is an amalgamation (Love that word!) of past Mummy movies. And you know what really surprised me? Well two things surprised me, first is the sets. Everyone I know talks about the cgi filled moments of this movie, but if you really take a step back and look at the backgrounds, there are many real sets and locations used in this movie. It only uses the cgi when it's absolutely necessary, and I think the new movie will go the same route, real sets but occasional use of cgi when neccesary. Second is the cast! You know what? I am gonna go out on a limb here and say Brendan Fraiser was my generation's Chris Pine. He's a decent looking guy that has no issues doing the action and stunts, has good charm to him, and is very witty and funny at times. I know that sounds insane, but give his performance a shot. Rachel Weisz is very lovely as Evie, but knows her history of Egypt, and yes I am blaming the ressurection on her! She read the book! That's on you Evie. Sorry love. But by the sun god Horus, is Arnold Vosloo awesome as Imhotep, dare I say he makes the movie even though we never really see him until much, much later on. Yeah...the titular mummy doesn't make an appearance until about an hour in of this 2 hour movie, and even then we never see Arnold in full glory until near the end but he commands such a presence, and just how he moves, and how he talks, it really leaves an impression on you. Almost very much like Boris Karloff in the original. And I have no doubt that Sofia Boutella is going to be outstanding! Action is the name of this movie, and it is done very well, sure it's over the top in places but honestly when you get right down to it, you don't really mind. This movie was made to entertain and I say it did a good job since it got two sequels, and a spin off movie (Which we will not be reviewing this week.) so it's not really supposed to be a horror movie. It's an action movie with roots in the horror genre. And if you walk in this movie with that frame of mind, I'd probably guess you wouldn't mind it maybe even like it. It's no masterpiece of adventure, but it's trying to just be an entertaining popcorn flick. And I'm okay with that! So give it a shot, tell me what you think, we might do both sequels tomorrow so I can get that new movie review out for you guys first thing on Friday. So until then, take care.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Wonder Woman (2017)

Well that movies was cool.

Again, I reiterate, 75 YEARS for Wonder Woman to have a movie?! That's criminal! This film is really damn good, it's not perfect, it's really damn good! Plot wise, not much has changed since the animated venture except if you swap modern day for 1915, Diana fights the germans instead of demons, and it ties in to the DC movie universe. Diana lives with the Amazons, until our favorite pilot Steve Trevor crashes and informs Diana and the Amazons of a war which seems to be the design of Ares, which sets Diana off to stop the war and kick his ass. There is much ass kicking in this movie. Action is spectacular, thankfully the comedy is not as obtrusive as I dreaded, the story is a fine origin story for Diana, but what really came out of left field and wow'ed me was surprisingly the emotion. If not for the whole Amazon and Ares thing, this could be a World War 1 movie. They do not shy away from the grisly nature of that war, soldiers losing limbs, towns raided, women and children killed, and the infamous trench warfare. In fact, name one single World War 1 movie. Not World War 2, but World War 1. I can't name a friggin' one....besides this one. This movie really hammers that for lack of a better word, sorrow and distress that you see in war. It feels a little too real. And I think they chose wisely placing this in 1915 and not in say 1944. I know we want Wonder Woman to punch nazis but trust me the meaning of Diana and her character, and what she represents is and would be leaps and bounds better than if the story was set in World War 2. She is a hero, she acknowledges humans are not all good but some are and that is what you should focus on. People always focus on negative things rather than the positive it seems, except for Diana. Which is why she is an excellent example of a hero. Not just a female hero, even though that should be commended considering her creation and history, but a hero to aspire to be like. Diana would never hurt anyone innocent, she is kind, she is decent, she doesn't think herself better than anybody, and refuses to continue to let bad things happen in the world. And granted, I have not read many Wonder Woman solo stories, but I know deep down I desperately need to. There's no doubt Wonder Woman is without a doubt in the top 3 of my DC heroes, and I hope she becomes a favorite of many, many more people.