Monday, December 21, 2015

The Force Awakens

This movie wrecked me. Emotionally, mentally, almost physically. I want more.

I just saw a new Star Wars movie!!! I am the luckiest fan ever because I was born at the right time. I was 3 when I became a Star Wars fan, when I was 4 The Phantom Menace came out and it ended with Revenge Of The Sith when I was 10. I am now 20 and new Star Wars movies are being made! So how did this brand new chapter hold up? It was original and yet new. It took elements from A New Hope but added it's own spin to it, and that is what this movie is, it is it's own recognizable but new Star Wars movie that is actually very unpredictable in it's characters and actions and thank God for it. This movie took me for twists and turns I can tell you that but I could still see what was coming up. I knew how this movie was going to end but I still loved it! I do not give a shit if you are a Star Wars fan or not you have to go see this movie. I promise it's really good!

Friday, December 18, 2015

An Important Question

Okay guys bit of news to tell, I'm going to get my review out of Star Wars Ep. VII on either Monday or Tuesday. It will be my last review of the month and then I am going on break to enjoy the holidays and I will be back a little after the new year. But my question which I will think about over my break is, should I expand my reviews to other things than movies? And if so, what should I review? Television shows, games, etc.? I would really like to broaden my horizons and review more things I enjoy and would like to tell you about. So should I give it a shot, should I just stick to my movie reviews? What do you think about it? Comment below, and let me know what you think. See you guys and gals after the weekend.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Return Of The King

Well here it is, the almost 5 hour conclusion to The Lord Of The Rings!

You want an epic end to an already epic trilogy, look no further than Return Of The King. This film is all about the battles, and I'll be damned if I ever forget one. The action is phenomenal, the acting is at it's finest, the stakes have reached their peak, and boy oh boy, do you have to see the extended version to get the full experience. Cause cool stuff and very important stuff happens in the extended cut that is not in the theatrical cut, and it hurts the theatrical cut. Now you may be saying to your self, 5 hours?? My ass is going to be numb before the 4 hour mark! It really doesn't feel that long, it keeps you so interested in the journey, and the characters, and the battles that you hardly notice how long you have been seated. And a lot of people complain about how long the ending is, but you have to realize this was a huge story with a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied up so it makes sense why the ending was so long, and I cry every time at the end. Christ, I cry at all of the movies because there is heavy stuff going down and you care so much about these characters! So it wrecks you at the end of it all. So go out tomorrow, watch Star Wars read these reviews whenever you like after the fact, and enjoy these movies. I actually do have an important question to ask, but it can wait until tomorrow. See you soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Two Towers

So our story continues with a fantastic sequel!

The Two Towers is a great follow up to Fellowship Of The Ring, adding more awesome characters and even better action sequences. So sadly the fellowship has split, Sam and Frodo are continuing toward Mordor and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli are tracking down the Uruk-Hai which leads them into the land of Rohan where we meet several new, but still interesting characters and they get swept up in this fight against Saruman's forces and this is where Christopher Lee really gets to shine! He is the main bad guy of this particular movie, and I love that because he is the man. There's so many great scenes in this movie, my favorite probably being besides the battle of Helms Deep, the very much exorcism like scene with King Theoden because it has just great writing, perfect music, and a battle of wills which I have always enjoyed in films. Andy Serkis playing Gollum is pretty much the reason you need to see this movie, and he got snubbed out of an Academy Award for best supporting actor because he was all CGI in the film! Everything you loved about the first Lord Of The Rings film is in this and it adds more to the world and the characters as it should, but it does it with more refined ways of filmmaking so of course the film itself is presented better than the first. I could just spout off trivia left, right, and center on these movies like how Christopher Lee actually met J.R.R. Tolkien and was one of the fountains of knowledge while filming, Viggo Mortensen actually broke his toe when he kicked a helmet so his yell was real, and how they changed several things from the book but I won't get into that cause honestly the changes that they made did not hurt the film. The extended cut gives more character development to both old and new characters, with more interesting insight into the world of Middle-Earth, and it almost clocks the movie in at about 4 hours. So have fun with that! I'll get back to you tomorrow with the last Lord Of The Rings film.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Fellowship Of The Ring

What the hell? You're reviewing Lord Of The Rings when Star Wars is coming out this week?! I already did Star Wars, so just read my reviews on those then go see the new movie, then get back to me and read these reviews during the holidays.

So why exactly am I reviewing The Lord Of The Rings movies? Well to be perfectly honest I got so used to a new Hobbit movie every December, and the actual meaning of the movies is companionship, loyalty, and friendship, qualities found in this world especially around Christmas time. I'm actually going to review the extended cuts of these movies cause they are the only true way you can watch The Lord Of The Rings movies. Needless to say I am a huge fan of these movies, have been since 2001 and it does not take long to get you interested. Just the opening sequence hooks you, and not once does it get slow, it keeps a steady and interesting pace. It gives you plenty of time to get to know the characters and the world. It is an epic tale of a Ring Of Power that if not destroyed can plunge Middle-Earth into eternal darkness, so it is up to our heroes to destroy it before it is too late. The term perfect cast has never ever been more true than with this cast, Elijah Wood is the only Frodo Baggins ever, Ian McKellen is wise and friendly as Gandalf the Grey, Orlando Bloom is nothing to me but Legolas he just has the physique of an Elf, friggin' Christopher Lee (God bless him) is pure menace as Saruman the White, just to name a few and everybody is so perfect. New Zealand is the most fitting backdrop for Middle-Earth on this planet, and I need to visit there one day. The music by Howard Shore God. The best examples of it are actually the songs with singing in Tolkien's Elvish and the Black Speech of Mordor. I would recommend watching the theatrical cut and if you loved it enough to view the extended cut, it adds to the movie in every sense of the word. Every thing they added makes the movie better to the point where, really it kind of ruins the theatrical cut because of the lack of the additional scenes. It makes the film better in my eyes, but the theatrical cut is still a great film on it's own but the extended cut is leaps and bounds better. If you think you are hardcore enough and want to jump right into the extended cut alone, you rock! You will greatly enjoy it and it will not hurt you if you have never read the books written by J.R.R Tolkien, cause I haven't read the books. Not yet anyway and I still praise the movie and can't wait to read them. Even if you know nothing about Lord Of The Rings, the film, either cuts of it will fill you in. It is a very accessible movie to non-fans which is good if you feel that you might not have the proper beforehand knowledge and might find it a bit daunting. Anyone can watch this movie so have no fear. I hope you enjoy it, and you can find the extended editions just about anywhere, probably cheaper now than they were when first released and the best part is it includes both cuts of the movie and not just the extended cuts. So tune in tomorrow where we continue the trilogy.

Friday, December 11, 2015

A Very Murray Christmas

This was really, really good.

A Very Murray Christmas is Bill Murray's new Christmas special exclusively on Netflix. It's directed by Sofia Coppola, and I was praying that Scarlett Johannson was in this so I could call it the unofficial Lost In Translation reunion but sadly she did not appear. But hey it was still very good, the comedy was great and made me laugh a lot, although I did wish it was longer since it clocks in just barely under an hour. All the special guest stars like George Clooney and even Miley Cyrus were a treat to see, it had quite a bit of singing in it and it was all very good, and even lifted my spirits a bit. I actually forgot how well Bill Murray could sing even though we have heard him sing in his movies! I do wish it was longer, and that seems to be a running theme with Sofia Coppola's movies, but beyond that I didn't have any major problems with it. I did expect like this huge ensemble cast of celebrities, but I was thankful I could see George and Bill hang out. Do I recommend this special? I think so, in fact and not many things can do this, it really got me into the Christmas spirit. It's a great special and I think you will enjoy it just as much as I did. Now I want to watch Lost In Translation....

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Most people always argue is this a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? I say it's a blend of both but at heart it is a Christmas movie, and it may have to do with the little fact that Christmas is in the title!!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stellar piece of work created by Tim Burton based off of the story he wrote by the same name. It follows several ghoulish inhabitants of Halloweentown, specifically Jack Skellington who has grown tired of Halloween and is searching for something new. He soon finds several mysterious doors in the woods and stumbles across Christmastown where he is fascinated by everything and decides to make the holiday his own. This is without a doubt a Christmas movie, because Jack discovers Christmas for the first time and delves into why he enjoys it so much and why he wants to make a Halloween themed Christmas. This movie is just awesome, the characters are unforgettable, the animation is amazing, I don't even have to touch on the music by Danny Elfman since almost everybody has heard it and enjoys it. Hell I could sing the whole thing right now, I am that much of a fan of this movie. It's a wonderful movie and I always watch it around Christmas time, it resonates with you because of the characters and attempting to dissect and understand Christmas and the film succeeds incredibly so at that. If you haven't seen it I strongly suggest you do so. And ironically, this is a Christmas movie you watch when you want something different from other Christmas movies, very much like Jack who wants something new and different besides ordinary Halloween things. That is a sign of how good a movie is when it can connect with audiences without them even seeing it. Give it a watch, and have fun making Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Love Actually

Bloody hell this was good...

So Love Actually is not only a damn good romance movie, it's a good Christmas movie. So we got to talk about that! Love Actually is really a story following 10 different people and all their paths are intertwined, think Valentine's Day or New Years Eve but good. Like really good. I'm honestly not sure where to start with this movie, cause there are lots of characters and lots of ground to cover. The cast itself is amazing, I mean we got people like Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, Keira Knightley, Alan Rickman, and the list goes on. I have to be honest here, I could not pick a favorite character in this movie cause they are all awesome! It was like every new scene that popped up I said there's my favorite character, and that happened every time we saw a different character. You might think the movie gets a bit confusing with it's vast cast of characters but thankfully it does not. Hell I can't even call them characters because they are as real as you or me. And that is what I loved about the movie, it centers around relationships. Almost any relationship that you can think of is potrayed in this movie and it is 120% accurate! This is what happens in the world that involves relationships, there are good moments, bad moments, love is won, and love is lost. If there has ever been a movie with the sole theme of love it IS this movie! And I can't believe I have never seen it before. So please for the love of all things good and wholesome in this world, I implore you to go see this movie. The time is right to view it, and the movie really has a strong point that Christmas is a time to spend with people that you love. In my personal opinion that is with any holiday but Christmas especially. This movie makes you want to spend time with the people that you love more than anything in this world. It's almost necessary to see this movie if you haven't already. I promise you will love Love Actually.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mr. Holmes

How I have longed to see this film.

Mr. Holmes is a truly marvellous film putting it's own unique twist to the Sherlock Holmes story. This particular story follows an elderly and retired Sherlock Holmes grappling with his failing memory, and trying to remember the last case he ever solved. With the help of his housekeeper and son who he lives with, he uncovers more of his memories and the reasons why he retired and isolated himself from the world. This is not only a glorious Sherlock Holmes story, but a glorious story in general. Ian McKellen is the only person who could ever play Mr. Holmes in this film. One of the many aspects that I love is the elements of the story and the message it gives. Mr. Holmes travels to Japan after the second World War in search of a medicine to help his memory, and in the process he witnesses the horrors of Japan after the war including the devestation of Hiroshima which is one of the aspects which lead him to his isolation but not the most important one. His final case is sad and very endearing, and addresses the fact that people cannot live on pure logic alone, they need to use their hearts as much as their minds if not more so. Intelligence is just as important as emotions, and that is a lesson more people need to be reminded of. This is a marvellous film that I highly, highly recommend. Not just for fans of Sherlock Holmes but also for people who enjoy stories of emotions and life.