Saturday, January 27, 2018

Adventures In Babysitting

Ugh, yesterday was one of the worst days I've had in awhile. It's a long story but I can sum it up in one sentence. Left the house before 6:00 PM, got home at 2:00 AM. It....I'm fine, everything is okay, I'm home now. We got ourselves a pretty dang good flick here, so let's talk about that and not dwell on the negative.

With a title like Adventures In Babysitting, you might expect a sub par family movie mainly used to just distract your kids for about two hours and that's the end of it, and thankfully I can say that is 120% wrong. Not only is Adventures In Babysitting a good family movie, it's seriously one of the most fun, funny, and all around great movies I've seen. Everytime I have heard about this movie I hear nothing but incredibly good things, and yet not many people have seen it. Well call me a fan cause this movie was absolutely fantastic. A high school girl named Chris is called over to babysit one day, and certain events happen that get them swept away in one crazy night all while trying to get back home, and I dare not divulge the plot further. It sounds generic and utterly boring, but trust me this is a highly entertaining film. I think the undeniable best part is the characters, cause they feel like real people, they don't feel like stereotypes where the kids are brats or the babysitter is super strict and learns how to have fun. Screw that noise! The kids act like kids, they're kind of wise asses but still very funny and extremely likeable. Chris is an average, sensible, and fun girl that just has to deal with so much stuff in order to get these kids home. But my favorite character has to be Chris' best friend Brenda. She steals this show for me, she's highly cynical and no nonsense yet is not a stick in the mud, she's really the character that jump starts the crazy train for Chris and the kids, I don't know I just really loved her. There's just so many good things to talk about, the music is friggin' awesome with more of a focus on honky tonk blues but still has a wide variety of music, the comedy made me laugh so hard I thought I was gonna die to be honest it hurt so much, all the characters both main and supporting are all striking and memorable. The movie actually brings up a great lesson that, there are both good and bad people in the world and you can meet both but the point is to not take the good for granted and to appreciate them or at least that's what I got from it. Like seriously, I am dumbfounded by how really damn good this movie was. It has balls too! I've never seen a PG-13 movie with not one, but two f-bombs in quick succesion. 80's kids were hardcore man! Jesus Christ, they knew how to make great movies back then! I would recommend this movie to every person on Earth, yeah it has it's share of cheesy and sometimes predictable moments, but the originality and humor and various situations these characters get into make it an interesting and entertaining watch until the end. And you'll notice a few familiar names in this movie, Chris Columbus' directorial debut with an easter egg for one of his later Christmas movies pops up for a second, our old friend Debra Hill produced this and you'll notice her earliest and most famous work on a TV set early in the film, and both Chris and Brenda are familiar faces to you Back To The Future fans. All in all, it's a great movie, I loved it so much, and I would gladly watch this movie again. 5 stars, check it out! And boy, do I have to say this is the movie I needed to watch after last night man. Life is good again.

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