Tuesday, January 9, 2018

2nd Viewing: The Last Jedi

You know this movie really does get better on a second viewing. Cause the first time, you experience it, feel the emotions, and swept away with the story. On second viewing, you can think about it, because you know all the elements. If you were shifting on where this movie stands, I urge you to view it again. It is the only true way to fully realize it.

I liked The Last Jedi when I first saw it, had some issues and questions, but regardless left the theater happy to see a new Star Wars movie after The Force Awakens gave me hope. Several elements I had issues with, were lessened and resolved on a second viewing. I actually enjoyed the Porgs this time around and were not intrusive on moments, the comedy bits were not as many as I thought and sometimes even had purpose, new characters had their place and I enjoyed them. The only really bad things I could say about this movie is, Benicio del Toro was really wasted and didn't offer much, the Star Destroyer's could have easily overwhelmed eradicated the rebel scum instead of trailing behind, and the last scene sucks. I know the reason it is there. I know. But you can distinctively tell the movie was supposed to end with everyone talking on the Falcon, then they tagged this scene on. I absolutely hate that final scene. Everything else was fine! It was really good, effects were outstanding, story was sound, characters had motivation and development, hell even the whole Canto Bight segment did not feel that long. It was maybe 10 to 15 minutes of movie or at least that's how it felt. I'm gonna say this, and Star Wars fans are either going to hate me for this or get it but.....this felt akin to a Timothy Zahn Star Wars novel, especially in terms of Luke's character, storylines and elements from The Thrawn Trilogy were present here, and the multiple planets we visited. If you read his stuff, you will notice these things. Maybe that's just me, but I could sense it woven through the story. And before I go can I just ask, why does everyone hate Rose? Like....they say she is worse than Jar Jar. Hwhat?? No. You are on crack. No! Wrong! Completely, and utterly wrong. They gave her a bit of character, she wasn't annoying, I found her to be a likeable, kind, and very human woman, and by God she wears that First Order uniform to perfection. Just why this massive amounts of hate? You could get far...far worse in terms of characters, so take a step back, breathe, think. I never got too excited for any new Star Wars movie and I am a huge fan for now over 20 years, but I accepted it, I was excited but did not expect everything, I was just happy to see another new Star Wars movie. I never theorized or tried to piece together a puzzle that may well not be there, though fun you can never take it too seriously. People are trying to pretty much Death Star this movie from the Star Wars Universe, and make it not exist. This has only happened once, and it was the Star Wars Holiday Special and that actually deserved to be wiped out. This is better than that. I'm not saying I'm better than you or anything like that, I'm just stating my opinion. This is a really good Star Wars movie, I would place it in my top 5 easy. So I only ask if you just saw it once, see it again, then come here and tell me what you think. Time has passed, you've been able to think it over, accept some things, now you can progress forward. Do this, for me.

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