Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Huh. Well that was interesting.

Now trust me, I get it. I get the message, the characters, and the story. Did I love it? No. Did I like it? Yes, very much! I feel the movie is more in the vein of say, American Psycho in terms of humor, story elements, and characters. I feel American Psycho did it way better, but there were many parts of this movie that I really enjoyed. Basic story follows a girl named Veronica, she's in the popular girl group at high school where you guessed correctly, they are all insufferable, miserable, bordering sociopathic bitches. Veronica flat out hates being with them, why does she hang out with them? I don't know. Is it like an abused spouse just coming back for more? Beats me. But one days she meets this guy, JD he's a bit of a lone wolf, bit odd, and pretty much just says, "Hey you wanna kill all the popular kids?" and Veronica's all, "Yeah sure." so they do that in hopes of making their school a better place. Do they succeed? Short answer, no. Long answer, watch the movie. Onto the good stuff! I loved the feel of the movie, it's very offbeat, with dark humor, blunt characters (albeit very stereotyped but that is the film's intention), and just plain odd circumstances. I know exactly how the film was supposed to be potrayed and was potrayed, I greatly appreciate the message at the end and find it downright genius, and the whole subjugation and analysis of teenage culture, specifically high school groups is correct. But I feel it works mainly in the 80s. High schools have changed significantly, not every kid wants to be the popular kid, in fact while there are still those groups, you got your popular kids, your geeky kids, your punk rock rebels, whatever, most kids while part of groups still do their own thing. It's like they grew a brain stem and just said, "Hey I'm gonna be me. Screw you guys.". And that's awesome! I was in high school not that long ago, I remember this stuff. But again, the film is satirizing and without a doubt putting these stereotypes on steroids, I get the point. I really do. I can see why the movie has a cult fanbase. But not everyone is going to like it. If you watched and enjoyed a movie like American Psycho, Heathers is more or less likely to be up your alley. I can only recommend the movie if your taste in movies slides that way or if you really love absurdist satirical works of cultures. It's not a bad movie! Winona Ryder is a very good lead, you understand her situation and why she does these things, the film does not glorify the murders of schoolmates and shows that it does have consequences, Christian Slater really was made for this part, but again you have to be in the right mindset and have the correct....I guess taste in movies for you to get it. If not you're probably just going to wonder why you spent nearly 2 hours of your life watching this. I understand the movie, it's fans, and the satire. But I do not love this movie, though I do think it is a very good movie.

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