Thursday, January 25, 2018


I was hoping it would end that way. Good job movie, you did it.

Moonwalkers! I gurantee you no one talked about this movie when it first hit. Which kinda sucks because it's a pretty damn good movie concerning the whole, Stanley Kubrick staged the moon landing and just rolls with it and makes it fun and crazy. Okay, so basically the story follows a band manager played by Rupert Grint who's in debt, swindels a CIA agent played by Ron Perlman out of a large sum of money to be used for a staging of the moon landing in case the real moon landing could not be achieved. Which I have to say I loved the fact they rode the line, it didn't say the moon landing was fake or anything like that, it combined the truth and the fiction which I enjoyed a lot. Just to see a conspiracy theory like that played out so wonderfully odd in this movie was a blast. I loved seeing Rupert Grint again, he's a great lead and you do hope everything works out for him, Ron Perlmam is well, Ron Perlman. Total badass, no nonsense, will knock your teeth out if you jerk him around, perfect! It was a really good movie, I think it should be seen just for the sheer spectacle and this wild ride about how they did it all. Nothing groundbreaking, or god awful but a good fun movie, with a flippin' awesome 60s backdrop (hippies, drugs, sex and all) that is always fun to go back to. I give it....4 stars, check it out. And we got one more tomorrow, a classic obscure gem straight from the 80s, don't miss it!

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