Monday, January 29, 2018

In Retrospect: IT (2017)

It has gotten better on a second viewing, I will give IT that. (Ha, ha, ha......)

Yes, IT has grown on me since the first go around. The tonal issues I had have subsided and now that I think about it, I have never seen a straight up horror movie with comic relief throughout. That jarred me a bit but now I can roll with it. The characters are all memorable and the actors have done an amazing job with them, the Losers Club being some of the best acting I've seen in awhile, especially from kids. The whole film was just so well made, and yeah maybe they made it the 80s because of it's resurgence in popular media because of Stranger Things but truthfully, it was bound to happen soon. Same stuff happened in the 80s with the 50s, every roughly 30 years a decade has great fondness for a past decade, which brought up a really good point from one of my friends. He said something to the extent of, everyone who is making movies now has fond memories of the 80s, they grew up during that time and have become nostalgic of it so that's why it's cropping up so much now. That generation is grown up and making stuff now. Which is really awesome to me, for various reasons. I am a highly nostalgic person, I love the things from my youth and share my opinions and views about them. So does that mean in say...2025 the 90s are gonna strike back and everyone will be wearing Jinco jeans, and drinking Zima and Crystal Pepsi while listening to N*Sync and movies will reflect that era of history? That seems to be the trend so I'm curious as to what the future holds. I do love the 80s and seeing that time frame be so prevalent now is a real treat, regardless of if it's a popular trend or not (It is, don't tell anybody. Shh.). But yeah, the movie really did get better, I still cannot contain my laughter at Bill Skarsgard, I am so sorry to all those people afraid of clowns but he just cracks me up. I mean he's weird, but god dang it is he entertaining and makes me laugh. I cannot hate things that make me happy! I like clowns! They are wonderful people and really due to the 90s IT movie is why people have this stigma against them. But I see the humor in his performance as Pennywise and it is a great performance, he is what made this movie for me. Granted I have no idea how this next movie will go down set in the modern day, though thinking about it now Maine probably hasn't changed terribly since the 80s, just saying. No idea if they're doing the spider thing, most likely are, it's more a matter of how the design looks for me to be on board with that element. Really the book is notoriously long, spanning over 1000 pages, War And Peace is over a 1000 pages but for a book like War And Peace it makes sense, and many people have said it reads pretty much like a cocaine bender with tons of oddities and thankfully cut scenes in the adaptations, so really anything can go. I doubt it will be better than the first but here's hoping. So yeah, it is well worth your money to own it, it is a great movie that is done almost pitch perfect, so buy it, rent it, watch it, and you'll float like the rest of us. Now I'm off to listen to New Kids On The Block. Pray for me.

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