Thursday, January 4, 2018

Moonrise Kingdom

Holy shrimp, this movie was amazing! Talk about starting the year right, I friggin' loved this movie!

Moonrise Kingdom is that special kind of quirky odd movie directed by Wes Anderson, who if you know anything about, this is his style of movie. The story centers on two lovestruck kids who decide to run away together while their families and the authorities try to find them. Now I want you to read that synopsis very carefully. Now throw it all out of your head, because this movie is so much more. Moonrise Kingdom made me laugh consistently throughout with it's bizarre comedy, but it's so difficult to describe though. I say just go watch the movie to fully understand what I mean. Now again I must strongly state this is an odd movie. Not...subject matter wise, the film is grounded in reality but more, how the story is told. The first say, 10 minutes of this movie is going to either make or break your interest, granted the opening scene is shot magnificently and it sets the mood very quickly by the second setting we are in, but I do strongly suggest you stick around. Another element in this film, you could even say the most important element, is the romance between the kids. And you know what? I absolutely loved it, I found it endearing, quirky, but very charming and I really wanted to see them escape and live their lives together. Honestly, if you just have a very open mind and an even weirder sense of humor, and just roll with it, Moonrise Kingdom will not disappoint you. I have to say, when this movie was new, I really wanted to see it. And now I finally did! In fact, I will buy this movie, that's how much I loved it! It was just a quirky, funny, charming movie that really put me in a great mood. Just all the ingredients were perfect, and I loved this movie. I was stumped for the first movie of the year, but with this I honestly could not have picked a better movie.

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