Friday, July 30, 2021


Who destroys the god? Luthor destroys the god.

But enough about the game, let's talk film. I think this will be a reoccuring thing for this show, like anytime there is a direct to video Jackie Chan film I'm going to rent it and review it. And this is a bit similar to Bleeding Steel which was one of the most outrageous yet easily one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen in all my days. The plot sounds basic with this super security company tasked with protecting a high priority accountant who is targeted by a mercenary group, who also goes after his daughter leading Jackie and his team of asskickers to keep them safe. And then you see the movie. Oh boy. Wow. It still has the basic yet still highly admirable hand to hand fighting, with good choreography and humor to it but you would be surprised how much gunplay is in this and blood for that matter. Easily the most shooty shoots and blood I've ever seen in a Jackie Chan movie, but then you get stuff like car chases with I kid you not gold plated cars, a wild lion chasing down baddies, and legit hoverboard action that puts Back To The Future to shame for eternity. It's mental, and I loved it but I can easily see this being a turn off for most viewers. It is that kinda cheesy, outlandish, ridiculous action movie that could be scoffed and brushed off by the viewing public at large. You have to like absurd action movies to really enjoy this. But I also have to commend that not only does the film actually take place in several real world places, they actually shoot in London, on these choppy water rapids, in these middle eastern cities, and cap it off in Dubai with the Burj Khalifa which is really awesome that they had the capability and budget to do all this for real, and only used CG when necessary, but what really stunned me is about 85% maybe more of the dialogue is in mandarin. It's unashamedly a piece of chinese cinema that has been brought to the states with nothing tampered with, and again it kinda breaks my heart that just that one aspect can turn a lot of people off this movie. I don't think a proper foreign film starring Jackie Chan will ever release in the cinemas in my lifetime, it's such a niche market and man that sucks. They put effort into it, they show the behind the scenes, they show the location shooting, they show the effort the actors put into the fighting, and I can't ignore that. Yes. It's silly. But you can have a grand time with it. Jackie is class as always, I like the characters, you get a healthy dose of action throughout, the scenery is great at times, there is good stuff to appreciate. If I was giving an unbiased, objective opinion it would be about a 6.5 maybe a 7/10 but because of the entertainment factor and how much I just appreciate the effort of the crew and this genre, I give it a solid 3.5 stars, 8/10! Suicide Squad next week so let's dip back into some DC goodies, see you then.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

In Retrospect: Godzilla Vs. Kong

Let the good times roll!

Yeah the enjoyment factor really hasn't shifted too much, granted I noticed more contrivances and the one aspect of the film I really wasn't there for didn't improve like, at all. But I still stand by my very fan biased opinion, though on a purely objectionable basis this movie is a 7.5 to a 8/10, but f*** that this is my show and it gets that 10/10. So let's expand upon my opinions in no particular order. I payed a lot more attention to the soundtrack this go around, and while it is highly unconventional for a monster movie I had a real good time with it and hearing a smidge of Judas Priest was a treat. Effects still look good, the kaiju have weight to them and the hits feel rough and impactful, the fact the movie looked as good as it did when production was very much occuring during a darker phase of this world I must congratulate the effects team. I'm sort of mixed on the cast, not so much the actors with one crucial exception, but more the characters. I genuinely could see this movie not incorporate any previous actors from King Of The Monsters, kinda keep the fresh new cast angle this series has been doing since the start. I feel it would have worked better if we stuck to our 3 main characters and their journey with Kong, not to diss Millie or Kyle but they didn't really have to be here especially in Kyle's case the poor guy has like 5 scenes grand total of maybe 3 minutes of screentime. And Millie well it's good to see her but the means do not justify the ends in her side story. I know people gave Brian Tyree Henry some shit for his performance but he only aggravated me once, really you think some super ultra secret piece of tech is just gonna be laying about after an attack on the factory where it is housed? Stupid! I think he performed it well and while probably could have been written better I hold no grief towards him. The same cannot be said for Rebecca Hall. Sweet...God. This woman gave me nothing in terms of performance, the number of f***s given by her in this movie was almost below zero, I really cannot firmly grasp and convey my opinions on this character and performance but it's undoubtedly negative. Again, not hating on the actor here but I just wasn't feeling it. And now comes the part where I relieve you the little Kong warriors of the burden of your failed and useless arguments. It is astounding how much this film really nails it into your head that Kong would be the winner, you get more emphasis on him, you see his relationship with Jia, the character profess their need for Kong as some sort of savior, you see him return to his ancestral home and reclaim the weapon of his forefathers, everything points to him winning. But he doesn't. And I know. I know. The cases people are making for the lovable big ape. Well actually Kong never submitted and would have beat Godzilla. Well actually if Kong could beat Mechagodzilla, and Mechagodzilla beat Godzilla, then ipso facto Kong could beat Godzilla. Well actually it was a tie at the end, and they decided to go their seperate ways. Oh honey, bless your heart. He got his ass kicked, needed to be saved by the humans, and submitted. Twice. I will go full hardcore nerd beatdown on you, don't try it. I have the high ground! Even if Mechagodzilla was not part of the equation and we had the 3 round fight throughout the movie, Godzilla still was winning 2-1, and nobody wanted a tie again. But Dude clearly at the end of the original, Kong won even though they both fell into the ocean and there was no real decisive winner, because Kong was seen and Godzilla was not. Dream on hooker, I got news for you good buddy you're leading two things right now. Jack and shit, and Jack left town. It was a tie. But not this time. Hail to the king baby. I'm done busting your chops Kong fans, I actually really like him and I hope we see some more films with him. For the purposes of comedy. I'm not ever that serious. 4 stars, 10/10 despite the flaws and contrivances, goodnight everybody! You're a wonderful crowd and I'll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress.

Monday, July 26, 2021


It's been a very very long time since a film has done this to me.

I can't hesitate in not only calling Soul the best Pixar film ever made, but the best Disney film ever made. In 1962 after viewing To Kill A Mockingbird Walt Disney said, "I wish I could make a picture like that." because by that point his company was built on a foundation of entertainment not entirely for children but certainly children centric. And I must admit I think this is the only Pixar film I have seen without really knowing what it was about, I never saw a trailer, I knew the briefest of basic plot synopsis, so I truly went into the film blind and upon hearing Soul was much more of a Pixar film aimed at adults my interest was peaked. He would be proud to have his name on this picture. Further proving why animation is a limitless, genre breaking, and outstanding medium for storytelling. Soul follows middle school music teacher Joe Gardner as he has the break of his life and is about to perform with a big star but his life is cruelly cut short and must traverse the worlds after death to return to his body. I have so much to say and yet am finding it hard to find the words. The animation is the best I have seen from this film studio, the lighting, color palette, and movement is beyond incredible and truly transcends animation at points and looks all too real. The story is thought provoking, funny, life affirming, and near the end an overwhelming emotional cascade. It takes a light and humorous view of some of life's biggest questions and defining moments. It brings to attention what makes life worth living and what drives an individual's passions, with surprising simplicity and heart. It is the only film in my memory to truly capture a moment of serenity of which I have experienced several times in my lifetime, and the appreciation it has for the beauty of life must not be taken lightly. When a film brings just a very brief but unrelentingly powerful visual of a person in their home, to the city they live in, to the world they inhabit, to the expanse of the universe, and brings uncontrollable amounts of tears down my face clearly it has done an incredible job immersing myself in this world, with such enjoyable characters, fascinating concepts, and fun environments. Inside Out was the rough sketch, Soul was the finished painting, and you can tell the writers and directors took notes on it to improve and innovate for this movie. My love and admiration for it will never end. 4 stars, 10/10.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Snake Eyes

Full frontal admission here, I know precisely dick about G.I. Joe.

I've maybe watched 2 or 3 episodes of the show on a sleepless night in my pre-teen years on Boomerang, I can name exactly 3 characters, Snake Eyes, Baroness, and Cobra Commander, and that's about it. So I walked in virtually blind, and the movie was okay. It wasn't horrible but wasn't terribly good either, I'd say the cast is the strongest point of the movie, the action is very shaky and is slightly hard to follow at times but done admirably, the story really didn't grab my attention until a good bit in, and the fact that the majority of the film takes place in Tokyo gets the movie some brownie points. Of course I enjoyed that immensely, seeing the bits of culture and locations on a big screen brought me much joy. But in terms of plot, it's sheer basics. We meet up with a young Snake Eyes, who sees his father murdered and devotes his entire life to kill the man who did it, only to be recruited by a ninja clan and you know the rest. It's very by the numbers, I kinda expected it to be an average decent movie from the trailers and TV spots and that's really what I got. I would absolutely love to see a hardcore G.I. Joe fan's thoughts on this, picking up on all the easter eggs and educating me on the differences. Henry Golding is a decent lead, he has the physical prowess and is believable in the role and he commits fully. Andrew Koji does actually really good work with the material and the inclusion of his character being the next heir to a powerful family clan brought a lot of enjoyment to the film for me. Haruka Abe is awesome, able to pull off the choreography and does indeed suit the role of chief of security for the family, she's class. Takehiro Hira and Ursula Corbero are okay villains, just not having much of a role to really play with. And from what very super little I know and have seen of the Baroness, I think Ursula hits the nail on the head in terms of physicality, and I'm genuinely curious to see what might come next for this new fledgling series. It's kind of a modus operandi for these G.I. Joe movies to be average, the first run got what, like 2 movies? And were not terribly loved at that, so it kinda peaks my interest more than anything to see if this series continues, though I have this tugging sense that this will be a one shot. Not because it's bad but because of how it's all about the profit the movie makes to seal the deal for a continuation. I'm not expecting high art or future action movie classics with this series, but it could turn into something better than what is here. I personally give the movie 2.5 stars, 6.5/10, but you can tell there was honest to God effort in terms of sets, choreography, acting, and it wanted to tell a story beyond this even if the story and script were not very good. It's a mixed bag, and thusly very mixed conclusions can be drawn from it. And on that shrugging bombshell it is time to end this week, see you next time everybody.

Thursday, July 22, 2021


I think he took some pointers after Glass.

Again sort of another movie I can't talk about much, but with a concept about several groups of people going to a secluded beach and rapidly age they do a lot with it. Both stuff you would expect and not expect, and while I did call the twist I still really enjoyed the ending. This might be a severely short review, but just go see it. All of the cast, and I do mean every single one of our main players in terms of acting is spot on, they do excellent work, and convey the emotions for the situation. The camera work is mighty good, with intricate usage of sweeping shots and free flowing camerawork with some nice hidden edits thrown in for good measure. Visually, I'd say this is Shyamalan's best film. The concept is terrifying without needing to resort to horror stuff, accelerated aging has been done in film before absolutely but not to this extent in my limited experience, it doesn'tget philosophical or wax poetic about the never ending cycle of life dying only for life to continue. I don't think it genuinely needs to, certain shots say it all and I think that works excellently for the film. It certainly can have a profound effect on people and how they percieve time, family, relationships, and yes I would say life and death as well. Seconds drift into the night, the clock just ticks till your time expires, life is just a speck in space and time waits for no one. 4 stars, 8/10, see you on the other side. Memento Mori.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Wrath Of Man

Kind of a bummer after the surprisingly light and highly entertaining Nobody.

It's good to see a Guy Ritchie film again, and he commits to telling a very grounded, very serious, very heavy film. Now I respect and admire films of this kind, there's action movie fluff but then there is stuff like Wrath Of Man that just goes full f***ing force off the edge into some heavy shit. The plot follows a security truck driver who has more to his past than he leads on as he thwarts robberies with an ulterior motive in the revenge department. There truly is a lot I can't talk about for the sake of not ruining the movie. Guy really brings his camera work to this picture, and the storytelling aspects jumps around a bit in time but each segment of the film, included with title cards and all, is just as important as the one preceding it and it only gets more dense and involved as it goes along. You can tell there is something there to this security guy named H but even I didn't fully anticipate or grasp who and what he was even after the film told me. It works well with it's reveals, not so much plot twists but how it goes about telling you the backstory of events, the best example of which is the inciting incident that kicks off the film both literally and in terms of H's story. You see it from H's perspective, the security guard's perspective, and the robber's perspective, not once feeling like padding or treading the same waters. The action parts have no stylized or entertaining factors to it, it's treated as seriously as it should, almost in the way war films depict gunfights. It's brutal, unforgiving, has the balls to kill anybody, and while the film has a traditional ending of revenge flicks it doesn't detract from how the rest of the film is presented. It's a different kind of entertainment value but one that should be looked at despite it's serious nature. 3 stars, 7.5/10. New movies incoming next time, so I will see you then.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


F***in' A man we starting good this week!

This feels like a modern day Cannon movie to me, now you might be saying but Dude modern doesn't really go in the same sentence as Cannon Studios. To which I reply, Cannon is an art style. They know what they make and how to make it good, with the most famous of their films being in the actionsploitation, revenge story, and foreign action flick genres in their hayday. They took elements of that and gave it a modern spin here, and a mighty good one at that. The story follows a total average day guy who kinda blunders into the middle of a russian mob plot after his house is broken into so he has to take action to keep his family safe. Basic plot, but predictable it is not at least not in the way you think. Bob Odenkirk who I remember as a comedy man in the 90s damn near flawlessly pulls off the action hero thing despite him looking and acting like a guy you would see on the side of the street. He does have comedy to him but when the game is afoot and the pain is about to be unleashed, I buy it. He could f***me up something fierce, he plays the part wonderfully. It dips into some family drama here and there, and the movie does a good job presenting the kind of average yet kinda broken family element which brings some good character points as the movie goes on. It looks really good too in cinematography, the editing while mostly normal has it's special moments where it's very sleek and expertly timed, the soundtrack is kickass and I'm saying that even about the Louis Armstrong track, and the action is shot well. From fisticuffs on a bus, to the home invasion scene, to the final shootout, it's all handled super well. I had a fantastic time with this movie, the movie on multiple occasions got me to exclaim, clap, and get excited. It really hit all the right buttons for me, and I do strongly recommend it if it sounds up your alley. 3 stars, 8/10, catch you tomorrow for another new to video action film.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Space Jam A New Legacy

Alright, that was interesting.

I must admit I have a strange kind of admiration for this movie, it goes big and it goes wild and fully commits to the scenes it is doing despite the absurdity of the scenario. Okay so let me relay this as coherently as possible, LeBron James and his son get digitized Tron style into the WB server where all the properties of the film studio reside and what a shock a basketball game with a wager occurs leading to basically the same movie. If you've seen Space Jam you've seen a good portion of this movie, but what I liked so much about it is like I said the commitment to their craft. The Looney Tunes are really good, it still has those moments of classic comedy and the animation style both 2D and 3D looks good, the voice cast is spot on, I had a great time when the movie went to that 2D animation. It fits the Looney Tunes perfectly and a good chunk of the movie is like that, and while it did give me momentary whiplash going from CG everything to classic drawings I appreciated that they did that. Sure they 3D'd the characters but only at the end, but screw it I saw traditional animation in a feature film in 2021. Awesome. The film goes for the dramatic family moments, and while they did fall flat, never once was it played for a laugh or or felt like padding. The movie is very easy to read and predict yet truthfully it didn't tamper with my entertainment. And boy howdy did I have a time and a half catching all the background characters at the climax. Hannah-Barbera classics, Batman characters ranging from the 60s to Burton to Schumacher, The Iron Giant, the friggin' droogs from A Clockwork Orange, it's a wild trip. And yeahhh, this really was kind of a whoring out movie for WB. I'm sorry man, it's just so hard not to say because it's true. Now did I have a bit of fun with it and still appreciate some of the jokes they did? Absolutely. Was there stuff I despised? Tiny bit. But the big question is do I like it better than Space Jam? Well if you read my review for that, the answer of course is yes. Merit to merit, A New Legacy brought so much to the table and I enjoyed a great deal of it despite it's obvious flaws. The soundtrack was garbage though, so fair dues to the first movie. 3 stars, 7/10, I kinda expected it to be garbage but it turned out okay so I will take this minor victory and we shall see what next week has in store for us.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Space Jam

Yes the smash hit, definitive of it's genre, nostalgic classic for many, one of the most loved 90s films of all time. Does it hold up?

Ehhhh, kinda. Now would I say Space Jam sucks or is garbage? No, I had a decent time with it. Do I think it's all that and a bag of potato chips? Nope. It's an odd mix for a movie concept and is probably no surprise it was birthed from a commercial campaign with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, one that really stuck if they made a movie out of it. It's not an airtight plot but I don't expect such things from 90s kids movies, so we start off pretty humbly enough with young Michael shooting hoops as a kid, kinda looses a bit of that once he starts rattling off every achievement he will make as he grows up, but then we head into the extremely 90s and honestly well put together intro montaging Michael's life and career before entering the movie proper. So Michael gets recruited by the all together looney cavalcade of characters to fend off an alien menace hell bent on enslaving our childhood icons. Well of course. I mean honest to God how would you write the story where Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan meet up? Cause I'm drawing a blank. So plot is decent if wacky, how are the other elements? Michael looks bored out of his skull and is so not there performance wise, but screw it he probably got roped in (just like the movie, ha ha ha) and didn't choose to be in this movie. The animation for the Looney Tunes is quite good but I will freely admit they didn't make me laugh much, I can very easily see where Joe Dante was coming from now. They're just kinda there, the voice acting is good save for Daffy, sorry Dee I still love you man, they have moments to be zany but eh. And yeah let's talk about newcomer Lola Bunny. You want to talk about some objectifying shit man? What an endlessly fascinating and fun character she is, except for the fact she's not and is purely there for visual reasons. Shame on you internet, you filthy bastards. She is just not my Lola, unlike her character from The Looney Tunes Show where she is flippin' awesome. Honest truth here, Wayne Knight and Bill Murray are the absolute best things in this movie, and the funniest. Wayne isn't some overly geeky dude, he's just trying to do his job and help out Mike and he made me laugh quite a bit. And Bill, sweet beloved Bill you were amazing. It was great to see him if only just to play golf, aspire to be in the NBA, and help out in the final round. And don't worry about that basketball career man, you got one spectacular movie coming up in the future. Am I forgetting anything? Oh right, take a shot every single time there is a close up and take a double shot every time a character's face takes up the entire frick fraking screen. You will be drunk off your ass. The soundtrack is really good though, I gotta admit I had a great time hearing the music all the way through and it is worth buying the soundtrack. On a good old CD. We about to raise the roof! And I have officially reached middle age, how do you do fellow kids? This joke is over. 2.5 stars, 6.5/10, catch you Saturday if you wanna jam.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Looney Tunes Back In Action

So the situation is the new Space Jam will get a review Saturday, not Friday because of work hence the oddball schedule this week.

I have so much to talk about here. This is one of the most interesting movies not only to watch but to talk about, it is truly a film in it's own world that must be experienced. I'm not even really sure how to start. I owned this movie on DVD all those years ago and watched it often, and seeing it again after 15 years is kind of a trip. So the film is basically an adventure movie with Bugs and Daffy as they assist two employees of the Warner Bros. company, an uptight vice president played by Jenna Elfman and the son of a spy actor played by Brendan Fraser. It goes off the rails quick in terms of story I suppose like any Looney Tunes cartoon, with chases, slapstick, plots of world domination, and more. I genuinely feel it is a worthy movie to see and not just be left in 2003 when it was released, there's a lot I admire and enjoy about it despite the movie being this utter grab bag of different plot elements yet it pulls it off pretty good. It does kinda break my heart that all tellings of the production pointed to it being a disaster with Joe Dante having a rough time making the movie due to executive control, because they did good work. I think they flat out got some cathartic satire of making Warner Bros. and pretty much every studio system look like braying jackasses, it's kind of beautiful actually. The personalities of the Looney Tunes are present and strong, a distinct action by Joe Dante who absolutely loathed Space Jam and how the characters were treated, and it fits perfectly in with the world of those cartoons. It does have that same spirit, it does have that good humor, it's handled mighty well! I laughed often and even when I didn't I still appreciated the humor. I'm trying so hard not to spiral out and just talk about random things but I feel it's kind of a losing battle with a film like this. We get science fiction references galore in Area 52, including the first time I ever saw Daleks though I had no idea what they were called. Timothy Dalton is essentially playing James Bond again which I absolutely loved. Steve Martin, God bless him man, he had to take on a role of a egomaniacal villain in a post Austin Powers world with mixed success. The celebrity cameos in this is off the charts, Dick Miller, Ron Perlman, Joan Cusack, Matthew Lillard, Roger Corman, friggin' Goldberg, it's outrageous how many people they got for this. The animation style looks airbrushed to shit, and it's not as perfectly mixed with live action as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but it looks good and still has that good fluidity of motion. It's just a bonkers movie to the max, not to the point of overstimulation but certainly fraking hard to talk about after viewing. I do recommend it, but as for a rating I'm a bit stumped. I did like it, it captured the spirit and fun of the Looney Tunes, Brendan is the best part of the movie period, great references, good comedy, odd yet entertaining. 3 stars, 7/10, and the 90s classic is up next.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Black Widow

Never thought I'd see the day.

Finally it came, so what did I think of it? Well truth be told, I did like it certainly. I had no even brief considerations of what the plot might entail, yet I must admit I still feel like The Winter Soldier is to this day the best example of espionage and spy stuff in this universe, but it really is a personal story for Natasha it digs into her baggage, her past, and I genuinely like it. We see her as a young girl before she even trained to be a Widow, we meet the closest thing to actual family she has, and it's just a personal vendetta against the establishment/organization that she was a part of. Scarlett slips so easily back into this role, and without question shows off the actiony but the dramatic acting in this movie. All the bits I loved about her in the other movies, again pointing towards Winter Soldier as the highlight, get expanded upon a great deal. Though I had to try to figure out certain things cause once I was done with Marvel that information bled out of my ears never to be thought of again, so the movie takes place not long after Civil War and by the end she has her short blonde hair which said Infinity War to me, so it was slightly difficult to tether all the history points together. Does it work as a standalone movie? Mostly, I'm debating on where it falls in the ranking and while my gripes are small I did have fun with it. Best character in the whole movie, David Harbour that man just keeps giving me good performances. I dare you to not love his character by the end of this, he brings that much fun and energy to it where it doesn't feel pandering and unnecessary. The same cannot be said for Natasha's sister Yelena, jus...gimme a minute. Was not a fan. Smartass to unparalleled levels, but without being funny. Villain is forgettable shite, no shocker there for this series. Effects have such a tug of war on me, some stuff looks really good still using practical effects, and then. And then. This CG is not very good, I mean God bless them for trying, but man oh man we have not perfected normal computer generated humans yet. It looked rough in spots, and I don't think I can entirely blame the year of the antichrist 2020 for it. Am I confusing movies or was this slated for late 2019 and they pushed it (jokes on them) back? Not too sure. It's decent, I give it 3 stars, 7.5/10, it's never truly a bad movie if Scarlett is in it. And that theater was packed, and right before the after credits scene played I walked out. Because I'm an asshole, and on that bombshell it is time to end. Thank you so much for joining me, goodnight.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Planet Hulk

It's good to be back.

Yes right before Black Widow makes a return to the big screen I decided to review the 2010 animated feature Planet Hulk. Pretty much if you've ever wanted to see a Conan The Barbarian movie with the Hulk, look no further. I'm not entirely sure if this movie is in continuity with other animated Marvel movies at that time because the film opens with the Avengers exiling the Hulk before he albeit very contrivedly lands on a planet ruled by an evil king, where he must do battle in the arena to gain his freedom while some prophecy nonsense is spouted about him being the highlander, the Kwisatz Haderach, Neo, whatever. For a movie clocking in at 80 minutes, it doesn't feel like it. The plot is always moving at a quick pace but not to the point of confusion, and you sure get your money's worth of fight scenes easily. The animation aspect is decent, it's not highly detailed but neither is it saturday morning cartoon quality, it falls somewhere inbetween. The supporting cast of characters is also decent, each a species of the native planet, we got Korg who really just reminds me of the rock guy from Thor Ragnarok, Elloe a freedom fighter who I'm honestly surprised is not royalty, Miek who looks like a charcoal gray Zorak, and Hiroim a sort of warrior priest. So you get that sword and sorcery type story despite it being on an alien planet, with unexpected amounts of gore and a easily predictable plot. It's decent but you have to be a hardcore fan of either Marvel or the Hulk to track it down, but I got to see my favorite character smash shit and get a badass girlfriend. I genuinely can't complain too much. I was actually happy this was a speaking Hulk story instead of going for the mute brute, but I'm not sure how to feel about the red eyes he has or the odd blood thing. That's new to me. You can tell a good chunk of this movie was lifted for Thor Ragnarok while still entirely being it's own thing which I dig. It was enjoyable, basic, yet kinda fun. 3 stars, 7/10, I'm coming home for you honey on Friday!