Friday, January 19, 2018

Darkest Hour

And so we come full circle.

Darkest Hour chronicles the first 19 days of Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he tries to deal with the Dunkirk rescue as we saw, constant appeals to surrender to Germany, and trying to maintain his reputation and the security of The United Kingdom. It is a very good movie to say the least and I've never seen Winston in much, so to learn more about his term and an almost impossible victory which he helped achieve was a treat. Gary Oldman really got him down, like I even need to say that! Gary Oldman can play any part and make it different from his last. I believe he was nominated for a Golden Globe for this performance and I can see why! He is not an invicible figure, he has a hard time trying to sort out the problems, there is a lot of discussion about their situation but it's never boring because if you're like me and don't know much about his service it is very engaging. And I do think that it brings a lot more weight to the movie Dunkirk, because you see the effort that got those men off the beach and back home. The film is visually striking and has one of the best openings to a war movie I've ever seen, so the film looks great. Supporting cast, especially with Lily James is great, she brings such emotion and tact to the role, plus I just love seeing Ben Mendelsohn again it's good to know he still holds a seat of high power in an empire after Tarkin took the Death Star away. If war films or drama pieces on historical figures are your cup of tea, I do suggest you see Darkest Hour. I didn't think much of it when I saw the trailer but I'm very happy I saw it. Next week though, I think we will fall down the familiar rabbit hole of more cult movies so until then KBO.

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