Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Evolutionary Viewing Of The Internet Critic Part III

And here we are again, thinking of days and friends long gone.

The first thing I have to say before we head into more somber territory is how much YouTube has changed. May be for better, may be for worse but I was there...almost in the beginning. As I have said YouTube did not hit my radar until about 2007 or 2008. I don't think I got an account until 2009 (still no videos to this day), but I really loved it. It just seemed like a fun neat little place to just share ideas and fun things. I remember a time when YouTube was made for either fun videos or media from past decades. I listened to a ton of 80s music and viewed music videos regularly, and loved it to death. But what I more fondly remember are just fun silly videos. Numa Numa, Star Wars Kid, The friggin' Dramatic Chipmunk, videos of legend now but while popular back then were viewed as fun. I think of YouTube as that place where you could literally make a video of you talking or doing stuff with your friends like in your neighborhood and you could get views. Whether you were doing some idea you cooked up or were just chilling out and talking. One of my best friends in middle school had a channel, and it was literally her and her cousin I think, jumping on a trampoline and talking the most random nonsense you ever heard in her room. I thought it was the coolest thing, I've always wanted to do YouTube videos! Just that small scale, fun, and intimate way that people made videos. I remember one of the channels I watched, it was just various let's plays of various games and I grew a strong relationship with the creator of that channel, we could talk about anything and have a blast, I loved her work to the moon and back. And even more large scale people like Miss Hannah Minx still had that small scale video environment. I especially loved her older videos because it seeped into her regular life when she was in Tokyo. I'm not sure you can find all of them now, but some of them were just nice fun videos. Not to say the YouTube of today is not fun but it lost a lot of it's basic, yet fun loving charm. There were no corporations or big budget YouTube personalities. It was just people putting love and passion into their work and uploaded it for all the world to see. Watch The Legend Of Zelda A Pain In My Ass, that sums it up perfectly, pet project, lot of creativity, very funny, for no other reason than just to do it. And most of these people are gone and I miss them very dearly because they were such great people, which leads to one of the saddest days of my life. On this day, one of my reviewers passed away. I was barely a fan of him for....maybe a month. I just decided on a whim to watch, Jewwario. Watched his reviews of japanese video games and instantly loved him. Without a shadow of a doubt he was one of the most kind, loving, caring, and wonderful human beings ever. And I weeped when I heard the news. I crumbled and broke down. I barely knew his work for even a month and I broke and cried over his passing. That should give you some indication of how truly wonderful he was. He is one of my heroes until the end of time itself. I miss him with all of my being and I wish him and many others were still with us today. To all of my Youtube friends, old and new, to all of my few fans, I want to say I love you all, I wish for nothing but the absolute best for you in life, and I hope to keep seeing you somewhere in time and space. I love, and admire, and above all so thankful to have you with me. Thank you for reading, goodnight.

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