Friday, June 16, 2017

Rough Night

I needed a break from Transformers, so here we go!

Rough Night is a quite enjoyable comedy about a group of friends who, one day set up a bachelorette party and it turns into as the title says a rough night. All seems to be going well until a stripper comes and you know, they kinda, maybe, sort of accidentaly bash his brains out on the nice white tile floors and have to hide the body. It happens. So the whole night is ruined as our group of friends try to evade jail time for manslaughter. Oh well, it leads to some decent comedy and some of the events that unfold you surprisingly don't see coming and hell, even one little scene hit me right in the heart because of how unabashedly real it is. But I almost want to say the movie is a vehicle for these talented ladies comedy, it is, but it tells a decent story as well. The Lady Scarlett is in this movie which always makes me happy and she does have bursts of comedy but isn't afraid to bust the waterworks, although I have to really say Kate McKinnon slayed me! She was kinda the best part of the movie, and I know how blasphemous that is to me but it's true! That Australian accent just brings such joy to me! And the rest of the ladies like Jillian Bell and Ilana Glaze were really putting their all into this, so they of course have to be commended. Did I enjoy seeing the movie? Yes, absolutely. Would I buy it? Well, probably not. Rent it for a movie night with friends, without a doubt but not buy it. Do I recommend you see it in the theaters? Yeah, if you got nothing to do that day, you feel kinda bored, make a trip to the theater and see if it makes your day a bit better! Well that's all for this week, tune in next week to finish the Michael Bay shit sandwhich and cap it off with another In Retrospect. Take care everybody!

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