Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Mummy Returns

Took only 3 years for a sequel, so was it worth the wait after the original was a success?

So this movie picks up about 10 years later, and it turns out Rick and Evie have a family life with their son Alex while still exploring Egyptian tombs, temples, and so on. Although, after the first movie I don't think I would go anywhere near Egypt. Hell even the characters kind of poke fun at the plot being similar to the first. What's the plot? Glad you asked. So Rick and Evie find a cursed bracelet that gets stuck on Alex, meanwhile Imhotep is once again ressurected, so it's a race to not only defeat him once again but save Alex's life. That's basic plot, but there is more to it in the movie. If I had to pick between this movie or the first, that's surprisingly hard to choose. The action in this while brief is okay, I dare say it has an almost Raiders Of The Lost Ark look and feel in some places. The characters we all have come to know and like return in this movie, same as ever which is a treat because we get to see decent character development throughout the film, especially with Rick and Evie. Thankfully it only takes about 30 minutes for Imhotep to be ressurected, and maybe another 15 to 20 minutes until we see Arnold Vosloo in action again. He doesn't make the film in this movie, but he certainly doesn't harm it in any way. The comedy is still there, just not as funny, at least in my opinion. I have to go with the first movie being the best so far but we got one more Mummy movie. And I have never seen it. Probably because it took them 7 YEARS to get a third movie! That shit would never happen in this day and age. I mean can you believe at one point Lord Of The Rings legit had to fight to get 3 movies?? Now it's a miracle if a movie doesn't get a sequel. But I digress. Review will be up for the 3rd movie tonight. See you soon!

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