Friday, June 23, 2017

Transformers The Last Knight

Farewell Michael Bay, you will not be missed.

Yeah supposedly this is his last Transformers movie, so how did he end it? I have no idea. It wasn't a piece of crap, it wasn't great. It was just okay, it was fine, so take from that what you will. You know what pissed me off though? I was fully expecting Unicron in this movie. You see this planet looking thing devour the moon, so I thought Unicron but no! It's Cybertron which doesn't make any sense cause it kinda got screwed over worse than Metropolis in Man Of Steel, but it's fine, it's coming to use some science bullcrap to reform the planet. Oh and nice job paying off the glimpse we had of evil Optimus Prime or Nemesis Prime as he calls himself (Awesome name though!) being in the movie for a grand total of maybe 10 minutes, 4 of which are him actually evil. That's not a bait and switch at all. But the movie made up for it with Anthony Hopkins, who is awesome. He was on screen quite a bit, and was no doubt the best part of the movie! All the other characters were kinda blah, even Marky Mark who isn't terrible but I do feel he was at his best in Age Of Extinction. Age of Extinction was the best in my opinion. You want to know my rankings of the live action Transformers movies, it goes like this: 1. Age Of Extinction, 2. The Last Knight, 3. Transformers, 4. Dark Of The Moon, 5. Revenge Of The Fallen. Bam there you go! Do I recommend this movie? No, not in theaters but when it hits home video it will be fine for a movie night. I'm so happy I am done with Transformers, I get to do other movies. So I am a happy camper! Until next week....

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