Thursday, June 29, 2017

Despicable Me

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I do not hate this movie. I'm going to repeat that again, I do NOT hate this movie.

It took me years to watch this movie, you gotta watch Despicable Me, it's so funny, the minions are hilarious, blah, blah, blah! I heard that for like 3 damn years! The minion thing was bad, it wasn't like now where they are on everything in the flippin' universe but it was still pretty bad. I was pessimistic towards it. But when I was finally forced to watch it, I found an okay movie. Now hold your fire, and do not castrate me, Despicable Me is a good movie. It's a great family movie to watch with an original idea, fun characters, and good bits of comedy. It is not Miyazaki, it is not Disney, it's not even really Don Bleuth in terms of acclaim. Again, let me explain. While the plot is decent, focusing on a villain who tries to steal the moon (brownie points for dreaming big hun.) and in the process adopts 3 little girls in order to accomplish his plan, it still falls into certain tropes. The guy who's kind of an ass but has a heart of gold will come to love and appreciate the girls he originally did not like, and they'll all live happily ever after. Doesn't take much beyond a 5th grader's intellect to guess where the movie goes. While the animation style is quite decent, some shots did look very clunky and rigid while other's were near flawless in execution. I know animation is the hardest job in the world, so I can't bash it much. Seriously the best parts of the movie are the girls and when Gru tries to attempt to steal a shrink ray, it just has a very Chuck Jones or Tex Avery style straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon, and I love that. The girls are extremely cute, like to the point you want to adopt them yourself but I swear I got the diabeetus when the littlest girl Agnes was on screen. The minions are not in the forefront of this movie, and they're comedy is....hit and miss. I'm either laughing my ass off or I'm just begging for the scene to end. My main question is, what was the target audience for this movie? Kids. Okay, how old? We talking kindergarten to maybe 6th grade? Not that there is a problem with that, I just am very curious since it kinda exploded and is now accesible to all ages from preschoolers to past fully grown adults. So overall, Despicable Me is indeed a good family movie and is great to watch if you just want a movie night with your kiddos but honestly I just am not that in love with it. Do I like it? Sure! Do I want to see the 3rd movie? Yeah, I mean that's why I'm doing this right? I'd tell you to rent or buy it but chances are every household owns a copy so there you go.

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