Monday, June 12, 2017

Batman The Movie (1966)

I love this movie. This may be my favorite Batman movie.

Now I'm not just saying that because of Adam, I am seriously thinking this is the best Batman movie. Why? Well let's see, it's pretty much a prolonged episode of the original series which I love. It's virually bulletproof from criticism because every single decision in terms of sets, acting, and even action were done on purpose, it's campy on purpose and that is the beauty of it. The sets from Wayne Manor, to the Batcave, and hell even the villain's lair are nothing short of kaleidoscopic! Color leaps off the screen. I highly recommend you buy the blu-ray for this movie, the picture and sound quality are a sight to behold and it has excellent bonus features. So what's the story to this marvellous, colorful, and just plain awesome movie? Well Bruce and Dick are called into action when news of a ship captain and his astounding new invention have disappeared, due to the combined forces of the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman. So our caped crusaders are off once again to the rescue to save the entire world from evil. Easy plot to understand and enjoy, with now classic characters in the forefront played to perfection by our cast. Now I said it once, and I'll say it again. Adam West is THE Batman! There is without a doubt in my mind he had the suit and the car at his house and fought crime. Burt is a joy to watch even though he doesn't get much action as Batman (in slightly more ways than one) but he still does great work. But I would be lying if I said the villains didn't steal the show! So fun, so hilarious, and devilishly clever! And you know what? I don't really appreciate people who dislike the Adam West show or the movie. So it's not dark or gothic, get over it. Without the show, Batman comics would have been cancelled. In fact, all of the villains besides the Joker were rarely in comics, and the personality and attributes of these characters in modern day come from the movie and the show. Whether you like it or not, this version of Batman made the character as popular as he is today. So that's why I hold this movie and the tv series so highly. It's both a wonderful introduction to the character, and a fan favorite to revisit. This Knight might be bright, but he is the hero Gotham needs right now.

But wait! There is more yet to come from Gotham City! Tune in tomorrow, same time same channel!

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