Friday, June 30, 2017

Despicable Me 3

I hate it when I'm right!

This is the weakest Despicable Me movie, it's not even a fraction as funny as the last two, our main characters are still likable, the story is uneventful. I mean when you hear that Gru has a brother, and they do villain stuff, you expect them to kinda have fun with it, and they one single scene. It was just so underwhelming. I liked the villain but only because I love the 80s, so that's a positive (But not really). I don't know guys, this just really landed flat on me. Pretty much if you watched the trailers, you saw the movie. All the funny parts were in the trailer, the entire movie was in the trailer, so I'm gonna say it! Just watch the trailer. I do have to admit, the people in the theater enjoyed it and there were all kinds there, single persons, couples (even older than me), and of course families so maybe I'm wrong.

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