Friday, July 9, 2021

Black Widow

Never thought I'd see the day.

Finally it came, so what did I think of it? Well truth be told, I did like it certainly. I had no even brief considerations of what the plot might entail, yet I must admit I still feel like The Winter Soldier is to this day the best example of espionage and spy stuff in this universe, but it really is a personal story for Natasha it digs into her baggage, her past, and I genuinely like it. We see her as a young girl before she even trained to be a Widow, we meet the closest thing to actual family she has, and it's just a personal vendetta against the establishment/organization that she was a part of. Scarlett slips so easily back into this role, and without question shows off the actiony but the dramatic acting in this movie. All the bits I loved about her in the other movies, again pointing towards Winter Soldier as the highlight, get expanded upon a great deal. Though I had to try to figure out certain things cause once I was done with Marvel that information bled out of my ears never to be thought of again, so the movie takes place not long after Civil War and by the end she has her short blonde hair which said Infinity War to me, so it was slightly difficult to tether all the history points together. Does it work as a standalone movie? Mostly, I'm debating on where it falls in the ranking and while my gripes are small I did have fun with it. Best character in the whole movie, David Harbour that man just keeps giving me good performances. I dare you to not love his character by the end of this, he brings that much fun and energy to it where it doesn't feel pandering and unnecessary. The same cannot be said for Natasha's sister Yelena, jus...gimme a minute. Was not a fan. Smartass to unparalleled levels, but without being funny. Villain is forgettable shite, no shocker there for this series. Effects have such a tug of war on me, some stuff looks really good still using practical effects, and then. And then. This CG is not very good, I mean God bless them for trying, but man oh man we have not perfected normal computer generated humans yet. It looked rough in spots, and I don't think I can entirely blame the year of the antichrist 2020 for it. Am I confusing movies or was this slated for late 2019 and they pushed it (jokes on them) back? Not too sure. It's decent, I give it 3 stars, 7.5/10, it's never truly a bad movie if Scarlett is in it. And that theater was packed, and right before the after credits scene played I walked out. Because I'm an asshole, and on that bombshell it is time to end. Thank you so much for joining me, goodnight.

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