Tuesday, July 20, 2021


F***in' A man we starting good this week!

This feels like a modern day Cannon movie to me, now you might be saying but Dude modern doesn't really go in the same sentence as Cannon Studios. To which I reply, Cannon is an art style. They know what they make and how to make it good, with the most famous of their films being in the actionsploitation, revenge story, and foreign action flick genres in their hayday. They took elements of that and gave it a modern spin here, and a mighty good one at that. The story follows a total average day guy who kinda blunders into the middle of a russian mob plot after his house is broken into so he has to take action to keep his family safe. Basic plot, but predictable it is not at least not in the way you think. Bob Odenkirk who I remember as a comedy man in the 90s damn near flawlessly pulls off the action hero thing despite him looking and acting like a guy you would see on the side of the street. He does have comedy to him but when the game is afoot and the pain is about to be unleashed, I buy it. He could f***me up something fierce, he plays the part wonderfully. It dips into some family drama here and there, and the movie does a good job presenting the kind of average yet kinda broken family element which brings some good character points as the movie goes on. It looks really good too in cinematography, the editing while mostly normal has it's special moments where it's very sleek and expertly timed, the soundtrack is kickass and I'm saying that even about the Louis Armstrong track, and the action is shot well. From fisticuffs on a bus, to the home invasion scene, to the final shootout, it's all handled super well. I had a fantastic time with this movie, the movie on multiple occasions got me to exclaim, clap, and get excited. It really hit all the right buttons for me, and I do strongly recommend it if it sounds up your alley. 3 stars, 8/10, catch you tomorrow for another new to video action film.

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