Saturday, July 17, 2021

Space Jam A New Legacy

Alright, that was interesting.

I must admit I have a strange kind of admiration for this movie, it goes big and it goes wild and fully commits to the scenes it is doing despite the absurdity of the scenario. Okay so let me relay this as coherently as possible, LeBron James and his son get digitized Tron style into the WB server where all the properties of the film studio reside and what a shock a basketball game with a wager occurs leading to basically the same movie. If you've seen Space Jam you've seen a good portion of this movie, but what I liked so much about it is like I said the commitment to their craft. The Looney Tunes are really good, it still has those moments of classic comedy and the animation style both 2D and 3D looks good, the voice cast is spot on, I had a great time when the movie went to that 2D animation. It fits the Looney Tunes perfectly and a good chunk of the movie is like that, and while it did give me momentary whiplash going from CG everything to classic drawings I appreciated that they did that. Sure they 3D'd the characters but only at the end, but screw it I saw traditional animation in a feature film in 2021. Awesome. The film goes for the dramatic family moments, and while they did fall flat, never once was it played for a laugh or or felt like padding. The movie is very easy to read and predict yet truthfully it didn't tamper with my entertainment. And boy howdy did I have a time and a half catching all the background characters at the climax. Hannah-Barbera classics, Batman characters ranging from the 60s to Burton to Schumacher, The Iron Giant, the friggin' droogs from A Clockwork Orange, it's a wild trip. And yeahhh, this really was kind of a whoring out movie for WB. I'm sorry man, it's just so hard not to say because it's true. Now did I have a bit of fun with it and still appreciate some of the jokes they did? Absolutely. Was there stuff I despised? Tiny bit. But the big question is do I like it better than Space Jam? Well if you read my review for that, the answer of course is yes. Merit to merit, A New Legacy brought so much to the table and I enjoyed a great deal of it despite it's obvious flaws. The soundtrack was garbage though, so fair dues to the first movie. 3 stars, 7/10, I kinda expected it to be garbage but it turned out okay so I will take this minor victory and we shall see what next week has in store for us.

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