Thursday, July 15, 2021

Space Jam

Yes the smash hit, definitive of it's genre, nostalgic classic for many, one of the most loved 90s films of all time. Does it hold up?

Ehhhh, kinda. Now would I say Space Jam sucks or is garbage? No, I had a decent time with it. Do I think it's all that and a bag of potato chips? Nope. It's an odd mix for a movie concept and is probably no surprise it was birthed from a commercial campaign with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes, one that really stuck if they made a movie out of it. It's not an airtight plot but I don't expect such things from 90s kids movies, so we start off pretty humbly enough with young Michael shooting hoops as a kid, kinda looses a bit of that once he starts rattling off every achievement he will make as he grows up, but then we head into the extremely 90s and honestly well put together intro montaging Michael's life and career before entering the movie proper. So Michael gets recruited by the all together looney cavalcade of characters to fend off an alien menace hell bent on enslaving our childhood icons. Well of course. I mean honest to God how would you write the story where Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan meet up? Cause I'm drawing a blank. So plot is decent if wacky, how are the other elements? Michael looks bored out of his skull and is so not there performance wise, but screw it he probably got roped in (just like the movie, ha ha ha) and didn't choose to be in this movie. The animation for the Looney Tunes is quite good but I will freely admit they didn't make me laugh much, I can very easily see where Joe Dante was coming from now. They're just kinda there, the voice acting is good save for Daffy, sorry Dee I still love you man, they have moments to be zany but eh. And yeah let's talk about newcomer Lola Bunny. You want to talk about some objectifying shit man? What an endlessly fascinating and fun character she is, except for the fact she's not and is purely there for visual reasons. Shame on you internet, you filthy bastards. She is just not my Lola, unlike her character from The Looney Tunes Show where she is flippin' awesome. Honest truth here, Wayne Knight and Bill Murray are the absolute best things in this movie, and the funniest. Wayne isn't some overly geeky dude, he's just trying to do his job and help out Mike and he made me laugh quite a bit. And Bill, sweet beloved Bill you were amazing. It was great to see him if only just to play golf, aspire to be in the NBA, and help out in the final round. And don't worry about that basketball career man, you got one spectacular movie coming up in the future. Am I forgetting anything? Oh right, take a shot every single time there is a close up and take a double shot every time a character's face takes up the entire frick fraking screen. You will be drunk off your ass. The soundtrack is really good though, I gotta admit I had a great time hearing the music all the way through and it is worth buying the soundtrack. On a good old CD. We about to raise the roof! And I have officially reached middle age, how do you do fellow kids? This joke is over. 2.5 stars, 6.5/10, catch you Saturday if you wanna jam.

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