Thursday, July 22, 2021


I think he took some pointers after Glass.

Again sort of another movie I can't talk about much, but with a concept about several groups of people going to a secluded beach and rapidly age they do a lot with it. Both stuff you would expect and not expect, and while I did call the twist I still really enjoyed the ending. This might be a severely short review, but just go see it. All of the cast, and I do mean every single one of our main players in terms of acting is spot on, they do excellent work, and convey the emotions for the situation. The camera work is mighty good, with intricate usage of sweeping shots and free flowing camerawork with some nice hidden edits thrown in for good measure. Visually, I'd say this is Shyamalan's best film. The concept is terrifying without needing to resort to horror stuff, accelerated aging has been done in film before absolutely but not to this extent in my limited experience, it doesn'tget philosophical or wax poetic about the never ending cycle of life dying only for life to continue. I don't think it genuinely needs to, certain shots say it all and I think that works excellently for the film. It certainly can have a profound effect on people and how they percieve time, family, relationships, and yes I would say life and death as well. Seconds drift into the night, the clock just ticks till your time expires, life is just a speck in space and time waits for no one. 4 stars, 8/10, see you on the other side. Memento Mori.

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