Wednesday, July 28, 2021

In Retrospect: Godzilla Vs. Kong

Let the good times roll!

Yeah the enjoyment factor really hasn't shifted too much, granted I noticed more contrivances and the one aspect of the film I really wasn't there for didn't improve like, at all. But I still stand by my very fan biased opinion, though on a purely objectionable basis this movie is a 7.5 to a 8/10, but f*** that this is my show and it gets that 10/10. So let's expand upon my opinions in no particular order. I payed a lot more attention to the soundtrack this go around, and while it is highly unconventional for a monster movie I had a real good time with it and hearing a smidge of Judas Priest was a treat. Effects still look good, the kaiju have weight to them and the hits feel rough and impactful, the fact the movie looked as good as it did when production was very much occuring during a darker phase of this world I must congratulate the effects team. I'm sort of mixed on the cast, not so much the actors with one crucial exception, but more the characters. I genuinely could see this movie not incorporate any previous actors from King Of The Monsters, kinda keep the fresh new cast angle this series has been doing since the start. I feel it would have worked better if we stuck to our 3 main characters and their journey with Kong, not to diss Millie or Kyle but they didn't really have to be here especially in Kyle's case the poor guy has like 5 scenes grand total of maybe 3 minutes of screentime. And Millie well it's good to see her but the means do not justify the ends in her side story. I know people gave Brian Tyree Henry some shit for his performance but he only aggravated me once, really you think some super ultra secret piece of tech is just gonna be laying about after an attack on the factory where it is housed? Stupid! I think he performed it well and while probably could have been written better I hold no grief towards him. The same cannot be said for Rebecca Hall. Sweet...God. This woman gave me nothing in terms of performance, the number of f***s given by her in this movie was almost below zero, I really cannot firmly grasp and convey my opinions on this character and performance but it's undoubtedly negative. Again, not hating on the actor here but I just wasn't feeling it. And now comes the part where I relieve you the little Kong warriors of the burden of your failed and useless arguments. It is astounding how much this film really nails it into your head that Kong would be the winner, you get more emphasis on him, you see his relationship with Jia, the character profess their need for Kong as some sort of savior, you see him return to his ancestral home and reclaim the weapon of his forefathers, everything points to him winning. But he doesn't. And I know. I know. The cases people are making for the lovable big ape. Well actually Kong never submitted and would have beat Godzilla. Well actually if Kong could beat Mechagodzilla, and Mechagodzilla beat Godzilla, then ipso facto Kong could beat Godzilla. Well actually it was a tie at the end, and they decided to go their seperate ways. Oh honey, bless your heart. He got his ass kicked, needed to be saved by the humans, and submitted. Twice. I will go full hardcore nerd beatdown on you, don't try it. I have the high ground! Even if Mechagodzilla was not part of the equation and we had the 3 round fight throughout the movie, Godzilla still was winning 2-1, and nobody wanted a tie again. But Dude clearly at the end of the original, Kong won even though they both fell into the ocean and there was no real decisive winner, because Kong was seen and Godzilla was not. Dream on hooker, I got news for you good buddy you're leading two things right now. Jack and shit, and Jack left town. It was a tie. But not this time. Hail to the king baby. I'm done busting your chops Kong fans, I actually really like him and I hope we see some more films with him. For the purposes of comedy. I'm not ever that serious. 4 stars, 10/10 despite the flaws and contrivances, goodnight everybody! You're a wonderful crowd and I'll be here all week, be sure to tip your waitress.

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