Thursday, May 3, 2018

In Retrospect: The Shape Of Water

It just got better.

Oh The Shape Of Water, what a strange yet charming movie you are. I love it still and was so proud to hear it won Best Picture (calling the winner yet again), because well this is a prime example of the medium we know as film. Now what do I mean by that? *BRIEF TANGENT ALERT* I never understood documentary films or films potraying real true stories. It is made more for television in my opinion, I mean how many times do you see a documentary on an event or a person on television? All the time is the correct answer. So what makes it so special that people make films out of this? To put it blunt, real life stories rarely make for compelling cinema. Movies are for the fantastical, where imagination and creativity run wild, it is for spectacles and emotional climaxes! What would you rather see, Zero Dark Thirty or Star Wars? Public Enemies or Inception? You (hopefully) can see my point. The Shape Of Water encompasses all of these incredible elements and more. It is in the real world but with elements of the fantastic and romance to an unlikely love interest, kinda like Beauty And The Beast, normal world set at a time period and yet has magical elements and an unconventional romance and people fell in love with that movie, and still treasure it until this day. The Shape Of Water is as much a visual film as anything, I'm pretty sure even if you removed the sound and color it would make a gorgeous silent film. There is imagination in the design of the creature, there is creativity in the story, there is a spectacle that is a bit silly but it appeals to your heart and not your mind, and it has a lovely and dare I say perfect emotional climax and ending. Sally Hawkins is sheer perfection in it's finest form, that's all I can say about her without gushing for the next 400 pages. Doug Jones does incredible work in the suit and can potray a wide variety of emotions without saying anything. Michael Shannon is a intense and let's be frank, a bit of an asshole villain but I'll be damned if I said he doesn't do well as a villain. Every actor has all strength and no weakness to my eyes. The mosy bad thing I can say about this movie is, maybe the russians were needless to the plot? They don't do much, they pose no threat, so why are they here again other to enforce it's the 50s? That's about it. Oh, and why did they kill the cat? Answer me Mr. Del Toro. Was it really necessary to still establish this creature was dangerous after ripping Michael Shannon's fingers off? I kinda got the point that yeah, he's innocent but still dangerous. That screwed with me a bit, don't do that. And that's nitpicking! Beyond that, I got nothing. Go see the movie, buy it, rent it, it is well worth your time and money! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to fawn over Sally Hawkins for another 2 hours.

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