Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

What a way to go out.

Star Trek 6 is a pretty damn good movie. For many reasons, bust mostly the story. The story involves the Klingon Ascendancy convicting Jim of attempting to assassinate the Klingon leader while on the verge of finally coming to peace with the Klingon race, thus forcing Jim, and Bones to escape a prison planet to push for more aid to the Klingons after their homeworld has been damaged. And this is a great story cause it reflects our own ending of the Cold War when this film was being made. The characters have all got great sign offs, with Jim retiring along with Bones and Spock, being replaced by a skilled doctor and a young Vulcan played by none other than Kim Cattrall. Of course! Wait, what? Kim Cattrall was a Vulcan? Fascinating. Sulu gets the new flagship the Excelsior, everybody gets to someplace different and better than where they have been kinda stuck. I daresay the best part of the movie is Christopher Plummer as Chang, who is an excellent villain that loves quoting Shakespear because as all Trekkies know, every great villain quotes classic literature! I do have to say though the prison planet segments drag hard and it gets boring but the rest of the film is great and I really love it. I recommend Star Trek 2, 3, 4, and 6 those are the best. Next Generation movies are more miss than hit but maybe I'll get to them soon. Until next time, I will see you guys out there amongst the stars.

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