Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

This is a review that has been long since coming, and has finally come to light.

Now I must stress that I have not seen the Netflix series bearing the same name as this film nor have I read the collection of books. Though I do recall them being highly popular right alongside Harry Potter from a time since past. And I recall even more loving and enjoying the adaptation that was surprisingly released before the book series ended; 3 books to be exact. I am not sure if it was well recieved or widely loved when it came out, and I have no doubt that it has achieved cult status in recent years. The story concerns a group of children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny who one day have the unfortunate news to bear that their parents have perished in a fire that has destroyed their home. They are sent to live with the odious Count Olaf who is hell bent on obtaining the orphans inheritance no matter the cost. With no help from the authorities or their distant relatives, the children must unmask Count Olaf themselves. I believe it is a very good film indeed, with excellent set design, good acting, and a interesting story that will keep you interested until the end. What I especially love besides the awesomeness that is Jim Carrey in one of his better and yet less known comedic roles, is the underlying mystery. Throughout the film there are hints, glimpses, and questions surrounding the children's parents who were part of some secretive society and it is genuinely intriguing and there are no real answers, but it does make one desperately wish to know them all. I must praise the attention to detail in these very expansive and lovely sets, each having it's own identity and character connection. Which thus brings me to the actors, and in the case of the Beaudelaire children they are wonderful. Emily Browning is amazing and really does deserve to be in more films, Liam Aiken is smart and attentive which comes in handy when foiling the plans of a despicable actor, and of course we have Jim. In my humble opinion I cannot see how Neil Patrick Harris could ever top Jim Carrey in this role. I almost dare to say this character was made for Jim to potray, because he hits every mark for the character. Threatning, funny, despicable, prideful, and able to play against anyone and steal the show. He is what makes this movie so loved in my eyes, I was a huge fan of his comedic roles in my youth and have delved into his more serious roles in my adult years, so his appeal has never truly died for me. There is much to be enjoyed in this film, and should be looked at again to see if the fanbase can grow even more. But one word of warning, for those of you who suffer from ommetaphobia I urge you to turn away now.

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