Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Big Hero 6

Yeah it only took me 4 years to finally see this movie.

And you know what sucks? I was all for seeing it, and I didn't know a thing about the movie. Didn't see a trailer, didn't see one bit of promotional material besides a poster. So what took so long? No idea. Life perhaps. But after finally seeing it in it's entirety how was it? Pretty outstanding to be honest. Sure the film is very comic book-y but since it was adapted from a manga it makes sense. Hiro Hamada lives in the quite frankly beautiful and amazing city of San Fransokyo (though I always just call it San Fran-Tokyo) in the year 2032. Hiro is a boy genius and is tempted to join his older brother's science institute but after a fire and the loss of his brother, Hiro for lack of better words falls into a depression until he meets a medical robot developed by his brother named Baymax who soon uncover a mysterious villain who caused the fire claiming his brother's life, leading Hiro and Baymax to become super heroes with the help of his friends. Told you it was comic book-y, they even refer to it as an origin story! Where to begin with the positives? Well the city is gorgeous, taking the best examples of art and architecture from San Francisco and Tokyo and melding it perfectly, though I see more Japanese influence but hey brownie points for that guys. The characters are all really dang good, Hiro and his friends are all fleshed out and given personalities though honestly evennthough they are self proclaimed nerds, they are highschool stereotypes. Jock, cheerleader, punk, geek, and your normal kid but that doesn't take anything from their character, all the voice actors give a lot to their parts and make it their own. My personal favorites being Baymax, Honey Lemon, and Aunt Cass, dear sweet Christmas they bring me such joy! And while the story is kinda been done, the variety of location and characters make it feel fresh and original. The movie is fun and wonderful from beginning to end, and if you ever wanted to know what I look like look no further than Baymax. It is almost too close, just subtract the karate and medical knowledge and bam, you got me! It's a great movie, but we got 3 more movies better than this, so join me tomorrow where we look at the acclaimed WALL-E.

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