Thursday, May 10, 2018

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure

And so comes the end of another week of movies, with arguably the best one of them all. Needless to say this is the most colorful and funny of all Tim Burton's movies...

I love this movie. I've seen it countless times and my enjoyment has never diminished over the years. And it does kinda break my heart that while the movie was succesful, it's still not a household name like the others we talked about. That's an incredible shame cause this is not only one of Tim Burton's finest movies, it would be top 5 in his filmography for me easily but it's a great movie that is hilarious, has memorable characters, a fun story, and one hell of a climax. If memory serves, this was the first Pee-Wee Herman movie before even the tv series hit the airwaves which just shows that this is the movie that started it all. So what causes the eponymous big adventure to this movie? Well Pee-Wee is living his normal life, or as normal as you can get when you are Pee-Wee when he loses his beloved bike and becomes obsessed with hunting it down leading him to meet a whole slew of fun characters all the way to San Antonio, where honestly I feel the filmmakers got this city right. You come for The Alamo and then leave. Before a grand chase through the Warner Bros. backlot where he finally retrieves his bike. Where to begin with a movie as crazy, and fun, and memorable as this? Well the characters are great, Paul Reubens is of course on top form in this movie, easily being the best part but the supporting cast is excellent too. That's Elizabeth Daily as Dottie, better known as the voice of Tommy from Rugrats and Buttercup from The Powepuff Girls among many, many other credits and I never saw this when I was young but she is awesome in this movie! I never fully appreciated her character, and now she's the greatest gal ever and yes I am crushing on her hard. She's a total cutie pie and I will fight you on this. If I had to pick my favorite side scene, which are essentially all just Big Lipped Alligator Moments because I mean come on this is a roadtrip movie, there is going to be lots of those moments.....I wanna say the biker club. Two reasons for that, one obvious and one not so obvious. The song is, unforgettable. And if you know who that woman is that grabs him in the bar, I'm proud of you. This is only the tip of the iceberg as to why this movie is so great, every minute is enjoyable, the humor and the sometimes creepy scenes are all outstanding, I just love this movie and strongly urge you to go see it if you haven't. It's great for kids, it's even more enjoyable for adults in my opinion cause you can appreciate the technicals and little bits of character scattered about, I give this movie the easiest 4 stars in history. Also, I got some weird but awesomely amazing trivia for you. During the big chase through the backlot we encounter a Godzilla set done in true tokusatsu fashion, I mean they got everything right though I do wish Godzilla movies if they were made in America did have full Japanese crew but I digress. This movie came out August 9th, 1985. Guess what came out two weeks later? Godzilla 1985. What the french toast? How did they know?? Granted the scene was not done with the effects found in the Heisei series, but more a Showa production with King Ghidorah flying around and done justice in every aspect of the filming of those movies and their effects, but what a coincidence! That blew my mind when I looked that up! I love being a nerd.

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