Thursday, May 17, 2018


It never loses it's charm.

Ratatouille is a remarkable film, one that can be easily loved and deeply appreciated by anyone on this earth. It is filled with love, warmth, and passion that is so rarely seen in animation or any medium of filmmaking. For a story as odd as a rat who has a keen knowledge and passion for food and the culinary arts to be swept away to a restaurant in Paris, where he helps a young man rise to be a respected chef and best a critic who, in this humble critic's view is easily the best character in the film and is played to astonishing perfection by the late Peter O'Toole, it never fails to hold my attention or diminish my love for it through repeated viewings. Pixar has done nothing less than make an incredible film, with absolutely stunning and gorgeous visuals, very good characters each with their own unique design, a story that unapologetically shows it's love and amazement for food and the art of cooking, and most importantly a film that can entertain, inspire, and be loved by countless people regardless of age or their surroundings. Peter O'Toole brings quite possibly the most important and insightful look into a critic's mind that we critics must remember, for it holds great truth and significance for us all. Anyone can cook, and anyone can view this film as highly as I do.

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