Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

I can sum this movie all up in one line, "What does God need with a starship?" and if that doesn't clue you in for the levels of stupid then boy howdy, here we go.

And you know ehat the saddest part is? There are some real genuine good moments in this movie. Good character development, good comedy at times, but it is covered in so much nonsense that not only did Star Trek fans completely drop this movie entirely, never talked about or referenced again in any of the Star Trek media in decades to come but even Gene Roddenberry did not like the movie. Star Trek has learned it's lesson though and has stayed away from the whole "searching for God/the creator" seen in the original Star Trek movie, but when an entire fandom has universally decreed that this movie is the worst with the only other competition being Star Trek Insurrection which itself is heinously anus but with that movie, there were no good parts to it. It was garbage from beginning to end, but this movie had sparks, brief moments of good things in it. But sadly the bad outweighed the good immensely, I don't blame Shatner for this but I do question his choices. He based the movie off the ridiculous tv evangelists that was a boom for some dumbass reason in the 1980s, cause that's exactly what I want in my Star Trek movie, commentary on religious idiots. Now Star Trek has talked about a lot in it's history from racism, to slavery, ethnic relocation, amongst many other issues that reflected our own time and world at that period. And while they have talked about religious beliefs before, they shouldn't dedicate films to it. It disappoints me, it really does. The dialogue and scenes can work incredibly well, with my favorite scene being just Jim, Spock, and Bones camping. Why? Well after you have seen them fight alien races, and travelling to new worlds, to see them on shore leave and to enjoy their time camping and talking around a fire is incredibly nice to see. They have history together, they bicker but they are great friends, we learn about them and their relationships. Whenever Kirk confides in his friends that he knows he will die alone, that's not there for payoff later. It is there for character building. When Kirk explains that pain is what makes us who we are in life, and that while we do not want it, in the end we need it is a incredible step in the series history. Like....why is there good scenes in this movie?! They deserve a better movie! The comedy works in somes scenes, because it's characters we have known for decades bouncing off and working with each other, and it is great! But then there are comedy scenes that make me feel ashamed with the exception of one guilty pleasure line. Ugh!! Why Star Trek 5? You could have been great, you could have been a contender instead of a bum which is what you are! Screw it, at least Star Trek 6 is a pretty good movie so I can wash this taste out of my mouth. Just watch the Nostalgia Critic's review of this, it's pretty great. In fact, watch all his Star Trek reviews! Which I will go do now, see you tomorrow.

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