Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Well It Finally Happened...

I knew this day would come. One of my worst nightmares come true, I've already reviewed a movie I was going to look at. February 8th, 2016 I reviewed WALL-E, and I forgot all about it. Granted the review was very short and done 2 years ago, plus I have memory issues with my reviews mainly because I've done so many movies it gets difficult remembering what I've talked about and what I haven't. I have done over 350 reviews in just 3 years. It's a miracle I know my name every morning. I feel like I should elaborate on my review cause I barely talked about it. WALL-E is an amazing movie, won the most Academy Awards since Beauty & The Beast, has an amazing story that is told to absolute perfection in the first half to where the majority of people feel the second half kinda drags the movie down when we get on the ship and meet people, and hear them talk. The film does such annexcellent job being well, a film. Telling a purely visual story with two characters who don't really talk, it is done ridiculously well and the animation is gorgeous. But I don't hate the second half, I do believe it has it's place in order to tell a more complete and interesting story. Not that a robot romance is by any means shoddy filmmaking, but it works better as a short film than an over hour and a half film. I love the spaceship and it's designs, the humans look like what would happen in several generations time of sitting 24/7 and eating fast food, all the robots are unique and great, there is so much to love in this movie. It's a grand adventure, with comedy, romance, and an interesting story. But there are 2 more Pixar movies that easily ascend beyond the stratosphere and the quality of WALL-E. So join me for really realsies tomorrow for the exquisite Ratatouille.

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