Friday, January 29, 2021

Daria: Season 5

Hello darkness my old friend, it's been too long since I've seen you again.

Existential crisis, here I come. My question is, why do people feel that bittersweet emptiness when they finish a show? It's not like you can't ever watch it again like Unus Annus, or be happy that you saw it through to the end. Because you can, yet it still remains. Season 5 is a wonderful send off, in terms of last seasons it's genuinely one of the best. It's a last hurrah of romance, personal hurdles, satire, and character development, before Daria and Jane go on the hunt for college. And I really have to commend the last two episodes, not only is the finale an hour long special but the episode before that I felt touched on a very deep and emotional place for Daria as she remembers a repressed memory of childhood and it's handled incredibly well. I simply could never say Daria was just another one of those 90s shows like say, Courage The Cowardly Dog or X-Files, it became so much more and trailblazed it's own path creating an amazing show. There just isn't another show like Daria, and all this spinned off of a Beavis & Butthead character, I mean that's pretty remarkable. It still taps into a lot of problems and fears of teenagers especially those that are exiting high school, it was barely that long ago for me and I felt the same way. I'm incredibly happy with how the show ended, Christ I don't even think I've seen a show this solid since like Adventure Time. Consistent excellent quality with wonderful fun characters. I've heard tale of a reboot but I fail to see the point entirely when it had such a marvellous run, and whose to say you can't make a new show that satires today's world with new funny characters. I have a lot of love for this show and I was a die hard fan before even the first season ended, and have a lot of admiration too. It's always sad when it's over, but my lifelong crush on Jane Lane will never wither. She even got the last line. 4 stars, 10/10. The future can be uncertain and scary, but I think we'll be just fine.

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