Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Aggretsuko: Season 1

A surprise to be sure but such a nice surprise.

Yeah...never thought I'd watch this. A friend of mine introduced this series to me and I will completely level with you, it hooked me not even 5 minutes into the first episode. Which is odd because the show is very down to earth despite the anthropomorphic animals, it just centers on this young lady Retsuko who hates her job, spends time with her friends, and has a penchant for death metal. And I'll be damned it's some of the most engrossing television I've seen. The characters are immediately identifiable, the setting is contemporary but doesn't lose that obvious japanese style, it's really damn funny like made me laugh to beat the band, the animation is very simple but too endearing to resist, it's a beast all of it's own but it's wonderful. But I could have sworn this show was older, say around 2014 but the first season hit Netflix in 2018 and the most recent season hit last year, so who knows how much more of this show will pop up. Like I care, I'm right there for when season 4 hits. I might get flak for this but my favorite character isn't Retsuko despite her awesomeness, but Fenneko man. Fenneko. My God! If there was a fricking spin off just for her you bet your ass I would fund it. She came right out of left field, slid into the DMs, and stole me away. I adore this character, maybe too much but I don't even care. You know I get passionate about odd things so just fair warning when we cover the other seasons. I just really did not know what to expect from this show but it gave me so much, it does have great moments, real life moments, I've seen so much live action tripe that does precisely dick, but an anime with simple but cute animations and nice characters can speak volumes about aspects of living. This is why I am an advocating champion for animation despite how it looks. And considering each episode barely hits 15 minutes, it's not that big of a slog to get through. All in all great show, friggin' 4 stars, 8.5/10! I can respect if you don't immediately go for it, but give it a shot one day.

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