Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Thick Of It: Series 3

This may be my favorite.

Maybe season 4 will top it but I really enjoyed this series. So Hugh is out and Nicola Murray is in at DoSAC but all quickly goes to hell in a handbasket when an enormous loss of data in immigration forces everyone to try to save their jobs, and not soon after Nicola is suspected to be a runner for Prime Minister leading our favorite Scottish ball breaker to step in. So some good plot elements here than just another daily screw up and it no doubt contributes to my enjoyment on this series. The cast is on the best form we've seen so far and Rebecca Front plays Nicola absurdly well. I fully understand her position and you do truly sympathize with her as she is trying to make everything work as she walls keep crumbling. It's damn good acting but not to the point where the comedy isn't still present. And the writing is the best yet, I mean this is the series that gave us "omnishambles" for God's sake, and we get more time with the opposition which is great fun. It will take a bit for the next series to surpass this one but it ends strongly and makes you wonder what will happen next. Major supreme props to Peter Capaldi this series, he has a lot more weight and importance this time around and there isn't a shadow of a doubt in my mind that his acting will reach a zenith by the last series. Wonderful series, halfway there, 4 stars, 9/10 once more. Is it a bad time to joke about the political strife occurring now? Too late? Okay.

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