Monday, January 11, 2021

Top 5 Films Of 2020

Well that sucked.

But on the plus side, new year new possibilities. Not enough enough for a top 10 but damn it I still wanted to do one. So number 5 coming up.

#5. 1917, one hell of a technical masterpiece with a good story and no doubt a movie I'll watch again and again in the future.

4. Sonic The Hedgehog, I seriously can't believe it either but a video game movie did that well and it was a lot of fun. Jim Carrey is still the best part and I gladly await the sequel.

3. Tenet, another wild ride from Christopher Nolan with a timey wimey twist. This was a pretty grand movie to see in the cinema, and to a seasoned time traveller like myself was executed expertly.

2. Birds Of Prey, I don't care it was great. Yes the title should have a rework but this was such a fun movie that did it's own thing and I am truly happy it exists. Sucicide Squad Part Deux here we come.

1. The Invisible Man, I know shocking right? My Dark Universe may be in a zombified state of limbo but my Monsters are still going strong and this was everything I wanted and much more. I will be there opening day for the next one and you bet your ass I am vouching this movie for the Criterion Collection.

Well that about does her. Wraps it all up. So we'll see if we're still here come 2022 and I hope I can make this year a tiny touch better even in the smallest of ways. Catch you tomorrow folks.

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