Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Daria: Season 3

Well that was an interesting opening.

Yet another good season and now that we hit the halfway point you can tell the creators were having a bit more fun writing this season. I mean the damn thing opens with a full blown musical, and Daria encounters personifications of holidays at one point. I'm all for it, this is animation so you can do more outlandish things and it's a comedy so you can stretch jokes out to totally different areas. I must admit this will be a difficult series to rank in terms of favorites, usually with television shows you have your home runs and you have your massive strikes but with Daria it's been a constant great series. Pessimistic people would say that the substance and status quo never changes leading to stagnation, while optimists would say you keep getting the same really good stuff with no major dips in quality, but I'm a realist deep down so I just take it on face value but nevertheless have a great time. And we do get a bit of character dynamic changes and further material to satirize, so it's by no means getting dull or even predictable. This is a difficult show to talk about but it's incredibly easy to watch. I really have grown an appreciation and love for this show because of the writing and characterization of Daria and Jane, constants that don't get tiring or old hat. When the writing can still catch me off guard and make me laugh, clearly they are doing fine work and the voice cast just grows on you more and more, like a parasitic fungus. One aspect that starkly stood out is we actually spend time with Jane's extended family, I never honestly thought we would see her parents or other siblings and despite my intense crush on Jane Lane the fact that her family is just as maddening as any other is a sobering but entirely realistic fact to face.  Families are alike all over even if one member is of the extraordinary category. Humans, what a caravan of familiar comforts and banality. Fun times found here. And I would dare say this is the best and most interesting finale yet, so my interest is peaked for season 4. 4 stars, 8.5/10, once more unto the breach!

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