Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Detroit Rock City

This brought back a few memories.

The first and only rock concert I have ever been to was Kiss, I was still in middle school and absolutely wanted to go, I got the t-shirt and everything to show off the next day at school, it was grand. I've been in a rock mood for a good long while now digesting new bands and I wanted to take two of my passions and put them together for this week, so how was Detroit Rock City? Pretty damn good, not gonna lie. I've seen adverts for this since I was proper young on VHS tapes so I figured it would work and I got a very unique, very fun, highly enjoyable film. The film had me before the opening credits even started, and the opening credits set the time period extremely well. So the story goes that 4 high school friends who are massive Kiss-aholics get tickets to a concert in Detroit but they lose them and it's a mad rush to try and see the concert. It's a very basic synopsis but the movie is so much better. The first thing that struck me was the camera movements and editing, it is like Evil Dead quality but done on an even more enthusiastic level. Always zooming, and rushing about, over the top levels of movement to ecentuate moments, I just loved it. I really haven't seen a movie like this and I just compared it to Evil Dead, that's how good it is on having it's own identity. Our main cast is great, they feel like real kids cuss words and all, and not every movie can really pull that off. This is a movie that warrants the R rating and I couldn't see it another way. Edward Furlong gets my special mention, he just nailed this part and really was my favorite of the entire cast. I've been doing some reading on the history of heavy metal and the background and thoughts that the book potrays are identical to this movie, you can tell the director and writer knew of that time and place in the world and really got it. Disco sucks, metal and rock is the way, parent groups are forming, it's not just a costume this is a way of life, that sort of thing. But what struck me and really brought me full force to give this a great rating was, it doesn't demonize teens who like hard rock. Our main cast are not bad kids I mean yes they are teenagers, but they don't start shit, they're not dickheads to other people, they push back when forced to, they're not disrespectful to adults, they just want the liberty to express themselves and enjoy the music they like which a lot of kids and teens were doing at that moment in music history. Some wild stuff happens throughout the plot, stuff even I couldn't fully grasp seeing, but it's fiction, it's outlandish to a point and I can roll with that. I think it's a movie I've seen at the right time and with the right mindset. So I give it a full 4 stars, 7.5 pushing friggin' close to an 8, big recommendation. Even if you're not a Kiss fan you can still appreciate that mindset that our characters are in. A very, very strong start to February and next time we look at the...more unheard of Jack Black rock movie.

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