Thursday, January 28, 2021

Daria: Season 4

You jerkface.

I did it again. I did it again, I got emotionally involved. Motherf***er I hate when that happens, but it just goes to show how good this series is. It's the best season yet, and the final season's got some stiff competition in terms of quality. It did the thing, it started off same as usual, normal sarcastic and pessimistic Daria and Jane in various situations, and some of them are really good, a murder mystery fever dream, Daria and the family go to a psych ward, an anthology storytelling episode, it's great stuff but the relationship between Daria and Jane gets strained because Jane got a boyfriend named Tom. Ask me if I'm happy about that. I'm not! You know I adore Jane, so when she got a boyfriend I wasn't ecstatic, and that romance makes Daria more depressed and angry than we've ever seen and the two start fighting. And there was a pivotal element for them that was done so expertly and so wonderfully it took a meat tenderizer to my heart. The uncertainty. This has stopped being animation, this is real life. Even some of the best movies that deal with friends, and the relationships that friends have, never ever get this right. They don't know what to do or say, yes they still want to be friends but so much shit has happened they can't even logically think through it. It's the first season that outright has cliffhangers. Cliffhangers on Daria, such a phrase sounds impossible but it's true. It has a two part finale that ends pretty open ended, and I applaud the show for doing such a phenomenal job with it but my heart requires copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate. I had to get up and walk after the season ended I was that caught up in it all. That's...never happened before. I may have screamed a little too at one point. The drama has started dear ones, and it might kill me. Excellent season, 4 stars, 9/10 easily. Next time we bookend the final season with not one but two specials. God help me.

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