Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Thick Of It: Series 2

I'm never having a commitee, it's going to be an imperial platform.

Series 2, a bit longer than the last after the sleeper hit of series 1 picks up after Hugh's almost resignation and culminates in not one, but two specials dealing with the absolute maelstrom of shit after the Prime Minister resigns early and everyone scrambles to find a candidate for their party. Easily an improvement over the last with a lot more elements thrown into the mix that stick around. So not only do we have the primary party doing their usual cock up's, but we see the opposition party trying to capitalize on said cock up's, while the press chase their tails in a maddening and futile covering on the election. I would make jokes about my country but let's face it everyone already has. I enjoyed this one a lot more, you can tell they had a proper budget since we get a change of location, more cast members into the fray, and a smidge of location shooting so that's all good marks in my book. The original cast still bring their A game, while the new additions make a very great standing impact and will continue to crop up as we go along. Personal favorites of the newbies are Jamie MacDonald played by Paul Higgins, more scottish blood in the mix and thank Christ for that, and Peter Mannion played by Roger Allam who if nothing else severely bring the comedy for me. If you had any reservations about the last series, this is the one that either makes you want to watch it until the end or just call it a day but I strongly recommend it. The writing is still very much on top form if maybe even a bit higher, and I do love the production values presented. But my God this release schedule for the entire series when you look at it is beyond unreal, I can not ever imagine being a fan of this programme while it was airing, I mean seriously listen to this. The first series started in May and wrapped up in June of 2005, brilliant, perfect. Series 2 picked up on October of 2005 and ended in November of 2005, with the two big specials not even airing until January and June of 2007 respectively. Jesus Christ. And it only gets more bizzare from there but one step at a time. Anyway, great series, absolutely love it! 4 stars, 9/10! Big changes coming up next series so hang tight, I'll be with you in two shakes of a crying baby.

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