Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Daria: Season 2

Made my decision on favorite character.

I would firmly say the second season of Daria is an improvement over the first which was already mighty good. Yet strangely nothing major happens in the plot, it's all about the further character interactions that makes it so good. And I for one greatly appreciate a show with a loose plot, it just jumps from scenario to scenario so there's no doubt the intention of the creators is to focus on the characters they are writing for more than long overarcing stories. Daria is a gem, plain and simple. I simply cannot fully express my enjoyment and adoration for this character. However we get more interesting stuff this season with her, going to a wedding, getting a piercing, her relationship with Jane hits a hurdle, you get more of the family dynamic, all are welcome additions. But Jane just sweeped the leg and made me fall hard, I aspire at this point in my life to get me a friend like Jane. So cool, friggin' hilarious, never forces pressure on anybody, just a real joy to be around. Of course we get more than just extra character for our mains, the supporting cast get a lot of time and personality that they did lack in the first season. Which is really cool and is only natural that as the show proceeds we will get more good character moments. Now that's not to say the characters pull a 180°, Quinn is still her vacuous vain filled self, Kevin and Brittany are still dopey, but they have brief moments of variety that keeps them from getting stale. The one true vast improvement is for Jodie who while having good bits here and there gets an excellent moment where she does fully acknowledge her standing in the school and has issues with how people would take advantage of it, it's a very heart of the matter talk and objectively is the best part of the entire season. I also noticed a lot more contemporary music of the time was used and full disclosure, I'm not against listening to most of it. I've never had a stigma towards 90s music but I do feel I'm coming to appreciate the music that was very popular when I was a wee babe. Animation quality is just as good, the cast gets to have more fun, and the situations are varied and entertaining. Excellent second season, 4 stars, 8.5/10! Two down, three to go.

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