Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Aggretsuko: Season 2

Hopefully the relationship plot isn't a common theme.

Not to say I hated season 2, far from it, I think it's another hit and has some fun but the two biggest aspects I take issue with are the entirety of the series. I'll try to explain. So after the failed romance with the personification of tofu, Retsuko continues on with life, seeks a proper driving license, and meets another guy. The relationship is lightyears better than last season, but to be perfectly frank I just don't feel Retsuko needs to be in a relationship. Now maybe that's the bitter old man in me, but I respect her life goal of settling down with someone, hell there is nothing wrong with that, but I just don't feel the love and commitment portrayed. It just seems like a crush that goes beyond the initial fawning phase. But trust in me when I say, I would take the relationship every day of my life over the other major plot point of this series. So our dear red panda is tasked with training a new recruit named Anai, who isn't great at the phone call business. I certainly can relate to that. However I cannot relate to the sheer level of psychotic bullshit this f***er has. It's been a while since I hated a character with this much passion and overwhelming force. Like I expected this asshole to be either a stalker, a kidnapper/torturer, or the unassuming guy who takes a loaded gun to the workplace with no intention of clocking out. It flat out bothered me seeing him on screen and it wouldn't f***ing surprise me a bit if other people felt the same. And the kick or should I say repeated kicks in the balls is we deal with him not one or two episodes, but 4 episodes. Out of 10 for this season. Oh...God! I can't decide what's worse, Sofia Falcone and her goddamn go nowhere side plot in Gotham or this., Sofia is worse. It didn't take up 2/3 of the season and while assaulting my very core of a person, he didn't stick around for long. I'm sorry I just really, really needed to voice my frustrations and if almost 6 years of reviewing stuff has taught me anything, shout, let it all out, these are the thing I can do without. But again, not a bad season! All the quality presented in terms of technicals from season 1 are just as prevalent here, there's wall hanging worthy backgrounds, the cast gets to expand and deepen the characters, it's still really funny, I never ever felt that an episode was fluff or a waste of my time. A feat not every show can boast. We get more dynamic with Haida and Fenneko, more the former than the latter but good stuff regardless. Retsuko's mom is everything I expected and she's great. We get more time out of the office which thus lends to more great animation. It's far from average and while my own personal problems remain, I could totally see others enjoying this just as much as the first season, and the third is no doubt going to keep up the good work. Hell it might even take the favorite spot. 3.5 stars, 8/10, and I promise to do season 4 when the time comes.

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