Thursday, January 21, 2021

Aggretsuko: Season 3

Oh thank God. No romance.

Boy isn't this a toss up. Seasons 1 and 3 are intertwined for best season, I'm serious I cannot pick. And this is a drastically different season, with the second it was more of the same. Work sucks, trying to find love, unleash your anger, aren't these characters fun and quirky. But here, it kinda gets serious. I can't stand that in animation usually, but it doesn't get deathly serious. Okay that's partially a lie. I'll go through it. So Retsuko is still recovering from another break up and one night accidentally gets in an auto accident with a very, for lack of a better word hitman type, but all is a ruse and Retsuko starts working as a idol band manager to settle her debt while still working her office job. That's the main thing that happens, she starts off as an accountant then goes to manager, then actually performs in the band delivering a performance that would put Cannibal Corpse to immense shame leading the group to a big hit. Now I praised the realism and grounded situations in the first season so you think I would not go for this pop star storyline but the dilemma that Retsuko faces is still a very real thing. Having to juggle two jobs with no down time and considering what career is best, there's countless people who have faced such a thing. I like that! I will note also that through the course of the series the side characters have been cut back significantly, I mean this really is Retsuko's season even with Haida having his own little love story it is integral with Retsuko. All the world is a stage and she has taken center stage. However that is not entirely a good thing, she actually gets a stalker and there is a brutal, I mean so mean and so ugly and so abrasive, verbal blitzkrieg that Retsuko has to endure and it is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch. But the ending doesn't end on a depressing note like I thought it would and life goes back to normal, thank the gods. But jeez I mean this is such a totally different beast compared to the others. It's done damn well, taking more drama than comedy but I don't honestly mind, the new characters are welcome additions sans one, we all know the one, technicals are still spot on, I genuinely am curious what in the hell we can go to after this, and I despise saying it but I can't choose a superior season. It depends entirely on what you like more. Do you like more fluffy, comedic, and simple or are you more a fan of drama, bit more serious, and emotionally involved storytelling? I can appreciate and love both so it's tough. I guess I would pick the first season because it grabbed me so instantly, because it was so relatable and yet fun, because I really liked seeing these odd but really good side characters. But objectively, third season wins it. 4 stars, 9/10! One more show to go and I think I saved the best for last.

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