Saturday, July 1, 2017

Baby Driver

This movie was better than I anticipated.

Baby Driver is a great crime drama directed by Edgar Wright following a beyond expert getaway driver trying to settle down in life and leave the ways of crime behind him. I have no issue saying 50% of the reason I saw this movie was to listen to the soundtrack, this is a musically driven film, with the expert editing and direction of Edgar Wright. All the actors do great jobs, although mind you, only Baby and his girlfriend Debora are the nice characters, just about everyone else is a dick. But hey, this movie ends kinda the way you wanted it. Music selection (save for one song) I did not know but by God did I still enjoy it. The action is decent, the comedy is non-obtrusive, it's more a character driven film and not just a vroom vroom bang bang movie like the trailers have been leading you to believe. Actually, that's an interesting point. If you watch the first trailer then watch the others, it goes from drama and character to, CARS EXPLOSIONS GUNSSSSSS!!!!!! It's stupid. Guys, give this movie a shot. I highly, highly recommend it. Dig those groovy tunes, and tell me what you think.

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  1. Loved it! Great acting. Crazy good driving scenes and sweet and innocence romance. Baby and Debora were the perfect couple. Kevin Spacey as Doc was just fantastic. He was every sorry SOB he's ever been in all his movies rolled into this badass heist master. Jamie Foxx as Bats goes full blown murderer who doesn't care that you just helped him steal millions you're gonna catch a bullet in the head. Jon Hamm has never looked so deadly or sexy! And finally Ansel Elgort. This cutey has been stealing hearts since The Divergent series. He's a real looker and his character is the boy we all wanted as young girls. Sweet. Someone who is a bit damaged but still wants to make someone else feel loved. He's also got a beautiful singing voice so you can check him out on you tube of you are curious.