Friday, February 17, 2017

The Accountant

Wow, I find it criminal that I put off seeing this movie for that long.

The Accountant is a great movie! So the story follows several threads, one following the FBI tracking down a criminal accountant, one following this whole company blackmail thing, and Ben Afflec as Christian Wolff as he tries to figure out this whole company conspiracy and meets Anna Kendrick along the way (Yay!!!) as they try to solve it. And Ben Afflec's character in this was really the best part, he plays an autistic character think like Rain Man meets Flashpoint Batman. Actually speaking of which, this feels strangely Batman to me. Not just because of Ben Afflec and J.K. Simmons who will play Jim Gordon later on but just the feel of it. We have an incredibly intelligent guy, who has training in several forms of combat, including lethal force (Hence the Flashpoint version of Batman), has a super tech friend who feeds him vital intel and you can tell is a close friend of his a.k.a. Oracle, actually has physical copies of multiple DC comics including Action Comics #1, and I am dead sucking ferious right now, he repeats the "Solomon Grundy born on a Monday" nursery rhyme. Several times! Plus the backdrop of Chicago, especially at night evokes The Dark Knight in terms of imagery and setting. Do you see what I mean? This is like an Elseworlds Batman story. And I friggin' love it! The action is quick and tense, the cinematography is slick, the mystery element holds up throughout the entire movie, I was constantly wondering is Christian Wolff a good guy or a bad guy, the cast is terrific and for once I didn't feel rob of an Anna Kendric performance and she is so...Anna in this, so goshdarn adorkable she just steals my heart. I highly, highly recommend you see this movie, it certainly has an interesting premise to it and I want to hear more people's thoughts on it now. But that's all for now, until next time!

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