Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sherlock: Series 2

In some circumstances, this series surpasses the first and others...well, don't.

Now I love this series of Sherlock, quite possibly more than the first even though it has one of the most uneventful and dull episodes I have ever witnessed in my life AND is so far the worst episode of the whole show that I have seen so far, but even then it's not horrible. It has one of the best written, edited, and acted scenes in the entire show's run, and this episode is The Hound Of The Baskerville. You know what's really weird? Almost every example of Sherlock Holmes that I have seen in over 15 years has strangely been "The Hound Of The Baskerville", not any other story written by Doyle has ever been brought to my attention. Not "A Study In Pink", not "The Reichenbach Fall", not even "The Final Problem". Always "The Hound". How peculiar is that? But whatever disappointment that story gives me, is immediately rectified with The Reichenbach Fall. It surpasses tenfold whatever stakes were in previous episodes, it's still the best in my opinion. Also really strange how my favorite, and in my humble opinion, best episodes have Andrew Scott in them, he just entertains me so. Now every aspect of the previous series has improved, and it does the correct thing with building upon previous stories and still giving us plenty of fresh and new things we have not seen before. The acting, stories, editing, mysteries, and action have really stood high for me. True the first series was great, but just because of the final episode this is my favorite series of the show so far. Will series 3 surpass it, or will it just be another really good string of episodes? Well, I might be cheating a bit but since my school schedule is so jam packed tomorrow and there is no ample time to review a whole nother series, I will be looking at the Christmas special that premiered last year for the review of that day which air date wise came out after the end of series 3. So stay on the look out for that, and tell me if you figured out the solution to the final problem before Thursday. See you then.

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