Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Lego Batman Movie the year.

What a treat this was, now you may be saying Dude how did you see this movie so early? Because I'm Batman! Nah, I just got tickets to an early screening. So The Lego Batman Movie is the epitome of a love letter to The Batman, with references galore, a great story, wonderful voice actors, and gorgeous animation. Now the plot is a little thick but still engages you so I will sum it up for you. Batman is being Batman fighting crime, saving the day, and all his usual buisness when a series of events happen both fortunate and unfortunate. Jim Gordon retires (Awww....), and his daughter Barbara takes over as the Comissioner, Bruce adopts young Dick Grayson, and the Joker has the grand schemes of grand schemes to take over Gotham. Oh my God, the sheer nautical tons of easter eggs were so vast and plentiful, my eyes were darting all over the screen, I friggin' loved it with it's sheer brilliant art direction and animation style! The characters were a blast as well, Will Arnett is hilarious as Batman and yet can still give some good serious performances, Michael Cera who I don't fully like played Robin awesomely, Rosario Dawson was fun as Batgirl, and Ralph Fiennes was a darn good Alfred. In fact I was surprised the emotion Will Arnett gave in this film, with almost Mask Of The Phantasm style scenes concerning his crimefighting and his parents. The movie was almost too good, I don't have anything to gripe about but for a hardcore Batman fan such as myself, this movie could not be more perfect. Check it out next week, and enjoy your stay in Gotham City.

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