Saturday, February 18, 2017

Black Mass

Well for a film about a public criminal I never heard of once, it certainly grabbed my attention.

Black Mass is more or less of a bio film about Jimmy "Whitey" Bulger, infamous Boston crime boss spanning several years of his criminal career as an informant for the FBI and the subsequent events in the years to follow. Now in terms of a crime movie, it is exceptionally well done with a good and accurate script, pretty great camera work, and an unapologetic approach to his crimes. As a biography in a sense, I think it worked very well, like I said I did not ever hear of this man so I was in the movie totally blind and yet could get a good feel of who this guy was, what he did, and why he did it so it's not like you need prior knowledge to view this movie. The real, true, without a shadow of a doubt star of the movie is Johnny Depp and I'll be damned if I said he didn't do a great job. He is truly terrifying in this role, to the point where you kinda forget it's Johnny Depp, and it just proves he can still act in very dark, very serious roles, and I can't wait to see the next movie he will star in. I would definitely say to go rent this movie, if you enjoy crime movies or biographies of criminals seriously check this out and also check out Public Enemies, it's a terrific movie about John Dillinger also starring Johnny Depp and directed by Michael Mann who you may know directed Heat, one of the best crime movies you ever would see in your life. Well that's pretty much it today, interesting side note though, Benedict Cumberbatch is in this movie which blew my mind because I didn't hear precisely anything about him being in the movie, it was always Johnny so it was a great surprise. Which just makes me want to revisit some particular work that made him world famous, wink wink nudge nudge, next week of reviews. So stay tuned for that.

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