Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Finding Dory

I'll admit, I screwed up. You know how I generally try and fit themes to the movies, like October we do horror, November we do award winning movies, April we do personal favorites of my own. You think the week of Valentine's Day I might...pick a romance movie? Granted I reviewed most of the ones I care about with the exception of maybe Annie Hall but man did I goof hard this year. Still though.....better than reviewing Fifty Shades Of Grey or some garbage.

Uh, so yeah Finding Dory. I liked the first movie, and I liked this one too! Granted it is similar to Finding Nemo but I don't get why people really didn't like this movie. It's like with friggin' Star Wars! Everybody got an attitude problem with The Force Awakens, "Oh but it was too much like A New Hope! It was exactly like A New Hope! Nothing was new! Wah! Wah! Wah!". Really? Exact? Scene for scene? Such poor ignorant fools...wow I am off on tangent lane today aren't I? But anyway, the movie was fine. The story was similar but new, we got new characters and old, delve into the backstory of everyone's favorite character in the first movie which is handled incredibly well and can hit you with laughter and great bouts of depression. It was sad watching this movie, but still made me laugh a bit and I enjoyed it. The animation is glorious, the ocean has never looked so drop dead beautiful and all the examples of sea life create great variety. My personal favorite has to be the Australian sea lions, they just made me crack up. But really this is how sequels should work, it tells a new story while still elaborating on the previous film in terms of the world they live in. This succeeds. I was entertained, intrigued, happy, sad, and just excited to see this movie. I just can't wait until The Incredibles 2. You know how long I have been wanting to see that?? Too long! But anyway, have a great Valentine's Day! See you soon, love and peace, all that good stuff, I'm out!

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